Warzone 2.0 Season 2: Ashika Island Exclusive Events, Contracts, and Features

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone 2.0 Resurgence map Ashika Island features exclusive events, contracts, and features. Here’s a look at them.

Call of Duty Warzone 1 introduced traditional BR elements with its mechanics. The first map Verdansk was a hit amongst players, but the map enforced a relatively slow playstyle. Later on, with the launch of Cold War, Activision excited Warzone’s gameplay by introducing Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island was different from Verdansk as it brought a new game mode to Warzone. The game mode titled Resurgence is a fast-paced respawn mode. It is the same as normal BR mode, however, players keep respawning instead of heading to the Gulag.

Resurgence was game-changing for Warzone 1. Players and content creators were happy with the fast-paced gameplay. However, with the launch of Warzone 2.0, Resurgence was taken out of Warzone 1. Fortunately, the game mode is returning to Warzone 2.0, with the new Ashika Island coming in the Season 2 update featuring exclusive events, contracts, and features.

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Warzone 2.0 Ashika Island Exclusive Event – Data Heist

Intel is power, especially during a Data Heist, a new exclusive Public Event on Ashika Island. During the second circle collapse, three uplink stations will come online around the map, allowing players to download critical intel from them.

In exchange for valuable in-game rewards, squads can hack into and stand near the uplink station to gain this intel. However, they will face resistance from Shadow Company (Crown Faction) combatants guarding these precious machines. The download progress can be sped up by eliminating these combatants, while other Operators can halt progress by contesting the station area directly or using a DDOS Field Upgrade.

Data Heist
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Completing a download rewards XP, Cash, and a random piece of Tactical Equipment. Squads that visit two or three uplink stations and successfully download their intel will receive increased rewards, such as a random Killstreak.

Warzone 2.0 Ashika Island Exclusive Event – Search and Seizure

In addition to contracts originally in Battle Royale modes like Safecracker and Bounty, Ashika Island will have an additional contract – Search and Seizure. It is expected to go live in the season.

Search and Seizure involves reclaiming a stolen vehicle, either an SUV or a Patrol Boat from Shadow Company forces, somewhere on the island. After you accept the contract, the vehicle’s approximate location is revealed on the minimap and as a marker in the overworld.

Search and Seizure
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Operators must neutralize any Shadow Company forces guarding the vehicle, then pick up the key dropped by one of the soldiers and get the vehicle safely to its designated drop-off point. Expect heavy resistance en route to this destination, as the Shadow Company has been rumored to have their hands on some powerful hardware, ready to repel Operators venturing onto the isle.

Warzone 2.0 Ashika Island Exclusive Features

Restore Honor

Every Operator on Ashika Island will drop a dog tag upon death once per match, which can either be picked up by a squadmate or themselves after redeploying. Doing so grants a small Cash reward and a single UAV ping that marks both enemy threats and nearby Supply Boxes.

Redeploy Drones

Redeploy Drones, the high-tech successor to the Redeploy Balloons you first used on Caldera, are the high-risk, high-reward way to reposition around Ashika Island, to be deployed during Season 2.

Redeploy Drones
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Players must hook a cable up to the drone via interaction to use a Redeploy Drone. After ascending to where the drone is hovering in the sky, an Operator will be launched in the direction they are facing, allowing them to parachute down safely to a distant location. While ascending, Operators can rotate around the cable to best position themselves for launch, and they can hip-fire weapons and detach at any point.

Stay frosty as we count the days until the most awaited Season 2 update arrives. Follow our Call of Duty guides for everything related to Warzone 2.0, Modern Warfare 2, and DMZ.

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