Warzone 2.0 Players share Concerns about Upcoming Ranked Mode as Cheater Plague Affects MW2 Ranked Play

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Cheaters are rampant in MW2 Ranked Play, raising player concerns for the state of the upcoming Warzone 2.0 Ranked mode.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is functioning smoothly after the Season 2 update. Furthermore, Modern Warfare 2 is also in a good state with the Ranked Play mode. Like MW2’s Ranked Play, Warzone 2.0 is set to get its rendition of Ranked Play with the Season 3 update.

While MW2’s Ranked Play which Treyarch has developed, received a positive reaction, a plague has managed to bring it down to a bad state. A cheater plague is rampant in MW2 Ranked Play, with most of the Top 250 players being straight-up hackers.

This cheater plague has raised players’ concerns about the upcoming Ranked play mode in Warzone 2.0. RICOCHET, Activision’s greatest weapon for deterring cheaters, has also failed to fight back, allowing hackers to take over the game mode.

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Cheating Plague Raises Concerns for Upcoming Warzone 2.0 Ranked Mode

Unlike Warzone 2.0, MW2 is locked behind a paywall which makes the cheater problem much worse than it is. If cheaters can find their way into a paid game, nothing will stop them from plaguing Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play which will be F2P.

Warzone creator and expert IceManIsaac took to Twitter to address his issues about the cheater plague in Ranked Play and its implication for Warzone 2.0’s counterpart. He further reiterated by asking for a better way to negate cheaters, such as South Korea requiring players to attach a Gov ID to their account.

Other players also shared ways to prevent players from opening new accounts to use for cheating in Warzone 2.0 when Ranked Play becomes available. Twitter user GuessIWasRight suggested the devs could set a minimum amount of game played requirement to unlock Ranked Play in Warzone 2.0.

The devs have yet to respond to the cheater plague affecting MW2’s Ranked Play mode. We can only hope that an overhaul is made to RICOCHET, which is the only way to deter cheaters in both Warzone 2.0 and MW2.

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