How to Vote For The Theme Of A New Item In League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

As preseason is upon us, players can choose and vote for the theme of an upcoming item.

Preseason is one of the most exciting times in League of Legends. In preseason time, Riot makes various drastic changes that completely change the game. These changes include new items, new mechanics, jungle changes, champion adjustments, and more. Additionally, as ranks are not saved during that period, players don’t take the game seriously, try out the new items and changes, and have fun with the game.

In the last preseason, we got new items such as Spear of Shojin, Jak’Sho: The Protean, Radiant Virtue, etc. Moreover, many items like Ravenous Hydra, Sunfire Aegis, Turbo Chemtank, etc., got reworked.

This year, the item changes will be more drastic than the prior seasons. The main reason for that is that the mythic item system would be removed. Because of that, many items will be reworked to fit into the legendary category. Some of the legendary items will also be adjusted to keep up with the meta. Furthermore, some of the items will also be removed.

Every preseason introduces a set of new items, and this preseason won’t be an exception. And Riot has already showcased one of them, “Go Fast With Friends.” Moreover, Riot wants players to vote for the item’s name, VFX, and icon. Here’s how you can vote.

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League of Legends New Item: “Go Fast With Friends”

“Go Fast With Friends” will be a support item for tanks. This item aims to give them and their teammates more out-of-combat mobility. This item is very similar to the current Shurelya’s Battlesong item, but it has a lot of differences.

Firstly, as you move, you will gain bonus movement speed. The allies who follow you will also gain the same bonus movement speed. Moreover, you will also have a stack, similar to Dead’s Man Plate. If you attack an enemy at max stacks, you will slow that enemy.

All The Theme Options

As the item is still in development, Riot still hasn’t selected a theme for this item. So, players can now vote for a theme. And whichever theme wins will be added to the preseason.

Here are all the theme options:

Eerie Invitation

Eerie Invitation is the Shadow Isles version of the item. The VFX will be based on Hollowed Mists.


eerie invitation
Image Credits: Riot Games


eerie invitation vfx
Image Credits: Riot Games


Trailblazer is based on one of the recent location additions to Runeterra, Nazumah. The icon is a backpack, and the VFX looks more like golden sands representing Shurima.


Image Credits: Riot Games


trailblazer vfx
Image Credits: Riot Games

Scout’s Fanfare

Scout’s Fanfare represents Bandle City. Moreover, this version of the item is music-oriented. Due to this, we can see musical notes in both the icon and VFX.


scout's fanfare
Image Credits: Riot Games


scout's fanfare vfx
Image Credits: Riot Games

How To Vote For The Item Theme

Here’s how you can vote for the theme for the upcoming support tank item.

  • Open your League of Legends Client.
  • Go to your Overview Tab.
  • Vote for your preferred theme.
  • Done.

The vote will be open from Monday, October 2, 11:00 AM PT, to Friday, October 6, 5:00 PM PT. So it would be best if you were quick to cast your votes.

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