VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík: Sentinels vs Nuturn Upper Bracket Final Preview

As the VCT Masters Reykjavík continues on, both Sentinels and Nuturn have dominated their opposition pretty convincingly and will face each other in the upper bracket finals on May 29th.

Sentinels who are the favorites to win the whole tournament is yet to drop a single map since they swept both Fnatic and Team Vikings 2-0. Their star players like TenZ, Sick, and ShahZaM fired off at the right moment and took them to the finals of the upper bracket where they will now face off against Nuturn.

Furthermore, zombs and dapr also played their supportive roles with perfection and clutched some important rounds. Their aggressive play style will now clash against Nuturn and their methodical approach to competitive VALORANT.

Nuturn’s post-plant prowess was on full display against teams like V1 and yng Sharks. Nuturn’s IGL solo showcased his previous experience while playing tactical shooters like CSGO and how it made all the difference against teams from other regions.

Sentinels fans have been ecstatic for this matchup against Nuturn as their playstyles are completely different. Now the real question remains what will happen when these playstyles clash.

Nuturn Roster

periJung Bum-gi (정범기)
allowPark Sang-wook (박상욱)
SuggestSeo Jae-young (서재영)
lakiaKim Jong-min (김종민)
solo(IGL) CaptainKang Keun-chul (강근철)

Sentinels Roster

ShahZaM(IGL) In-Game LeaderShahzeb Khan
SicKHunter Mims
zombsJared Gitlin
daprMichael Gulino
TenZ Tyson Ngo

Winning condition for Sentinels

The real win condition for Sentinels will highly rely on TenZ on whether or not he will be able to perform well on the day to create a snowball effect for the entire team. Also, early game momentum will play a big role in setting the stage for later rounds of the game.

Winning condition for Nuturn

If Nuturn can manage to shut down Sentinels’ star players from firing off right from the very start, their more methodical approach to VALORANT and clever use of utilities on post-plant situations will definitely be the difference between winning and losing.

Even though on paper Sentinels comes out on the top, it wouldn’t be wise to sleep on Nuturn.

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