VCT 2024 China Kickoff Tournament: Format, Schedule, and Results

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China is enlisted in the official region list from VCT 2024. Here is everything about the VCT 2024 China kickoff tournament.

This year’s VCT format brings in many changes. Last year’s Ascension winner will join the franchises. Championship points will be introduced to keep the spirits up and tight throughout the year. However, there are still two Masters events scheduled in two new venues. The first one will be hosted in Madrid. The top two teams from the season starter kickoff tournament will secure their spots in the first Masters event.

VCT 2024 will officially begin with the regional kickoff tournament in February. Starting this year, the number of official regions will be four as China is added to the list. This means for the first time, there will be a VCT event featuring only Chinese teams. For the details of the team and player list, check on our VCT 2024 Global Contract Database.

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2024 VCT China Kickoff – All You Need to Know

China has seen a late release for VALORANT. However, since its release, the Chinese VALORANT scene took no time to catch up with others. As this will be China’s first time as an official region, many eyes will be on them.

In the VCT 2024 kickoff tournament, a total of 11 teams will duke it out for 10 long days in the Riot Games Arena in Shanghai. Unlike previous years, the format is much more simplified for gamers and viewers alike.


2024 VCT China Kickoff – All You Need to Know
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  • The 10 franchised and 1 Ascension team will be divided into 3 different groups, with two groups of 4 and 3 teams in group C
  • The best-performing team in the 2023 Champions will get a bye into the winner’s bracket for that group. For the China region, it will be EDward Gaming.
  • The teams will play all best of 3 GSL (double elimination) games.
  • The top team from each group will go to the playoffs, while the second-place teams will qualify for the play-in stage. All the 2nd placed teams will play each other in a best of 3 for the last spot.
  • The 4 qualified teams will then be seeded into the playoffs. The two finalists will qualify for the upcoming VCT Masters in Madrid. The winning team will also receive 3 China Championship points.


Group StageFebruary 22 – February 269:00 UTC
Play-InFebruary 27TBD
PlayoffsMarch 1 – March 29:00 UTC

VCT China Kickoff Results

Group Stage

Group A

GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1 Trace EsportsTYLOO
M2FunPlus PhoenixNova Esports
M3Loser M1Loser M2
M4Winner M1Winner M2
M5Loser M4Winner M3

Group B

GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1 JD Gaming Titan Esports Club
M2 Dragon Ranger GamingAll Gamers
M3Loser M1Loser M2
M4Winner M1Winner M2
M5Loser M4Winner M3

Group C

GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1Bilibili GamingWolves Esports
M2EDward GamingWinner M1
M3Loser M3Loser M1

* EDward Gaming is seeded into the winner’s match due to being the best-performing EMEA team in the 2023 VCT Championship.


GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1Group A #2Group B #2
M2Group A #2Group C #2
M3Group B #2Group C #2


GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2

More information will be provided as the season progresses. So, stay tuned in with GameRiv to learn more about what’s happening in the VALORANT’s Esports world.

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