VCT 2024 EMEA Kickoff Tournament: Format, Schedule, & Results

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By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Riot

The competitive VALORANT season is primed for kickoff. Here’s all you need to know!

The VALORANT competitive scene is similar to League of Legends. There are four major regions that teams will play and fight for a slot at the VCT Masters and, eventually, the VCT Champions. The first two regions to start are the VCT EMEA Kickoff and Pacific circuits.

Riot’s premier Esport titles have all started their competitive season. Like every VCT season this year also, there will be two Masters events. The first one is in Madrid, and the second is in Shanghai, China. With new teams getting a chance through Ascension, the grind for Champions 2024 will be one to look forward to.

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2024 VCT EMEA Kickoff – All You Need to Know

The EMEA region is one of the most diverse and most competitive regions in any e-sport. It is no different in VALORANT, as 11 teams will duke it out 11 days in the Riot Games Arena in Berlin. Unlike previous years, the format is much more simplified for gamers and viewers alike.


  • The 10 franchised and 1 Ascension team will be divided into 3 different groups, with two groups of 4 and 3 teams in group C.
  • The best-performing team in the 2023 Champions will get a bye into the winner’s bracket for that group.
  • The teams will play all best of 3 GSL (double elimination) games.
Credit: Liquipedia
  • The top team from each group will go to the playoffs while the second-place teams will qualify for the play-in stage. All the 2nd placed teams will play each other in a best of 3 for the last spot.
  • The 4 qualified teams will then be seeded into the playoffs. The two finalists will qualify for the upcoming VCT Masters in Madrid. The winning team will also receive 3 EMEA Championship points.


Group StageFebruary 20 – February 2516:00 UTC
Play-InFebruary 26TBD
PlayoffsFebruary 29 – March 116:00 UTC
Team Liquid lifting the VCT EMEA Trophy.
Credit: Riot

VCT EMEA Kickoff Results

Group Stage

Group A

GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1FUT EsportsTeam Heretics
M2GiantXKarmine Corp
M3Winner M1Winner M2
M4Loser M1Loser M2
M5Winner M3Winner M4

Group B

GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1Natus VincereBBL Esports
M2Team LiquidKOI
M3Winner M1Winner M2
M4Loser M1Loser M2
M5Winner M3Winner M4

Group C

GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1VitalityGentle Mates
M2Fnatic*Winner M1
M3Loser M1Loser M2

* Fnatic is seeded into the winner’s match due to being the best-performing EMEA team in the 2023 VCT Championship.


GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
M1Group A #2Group B #2
M2Group B #2Group C #2
M3Group A #2Group C #2


GameTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2

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More information will be provided as the season progresses. So, stay tuned in with GameRiv to learn more about what’s happening in the VALORANT’s Esports world.

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