VCS Potentially Coming to Worlds 2021

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In light of new information and reporting, VCS coming to Worlds 2021 is a possibility with GAM Esports and Saigon Buffalo Esports being their representatives.

VCS has missed the last two major events of League of Legends. This includes Worlds 2020 and MSI 2021 as MSI 2020 was never held. Earlier this month, it was rumored and later confirmed by Riot that the VCS indeed would not be at Worlds 2021. However, earlier today, that has a decent possibility to be reverted to allow VCS to Worlds. Here is what we know.

What We Know

A report has emerged from, courtesy of a Vietnamese reporter, Dat Nyugen (@ThanhDat712), that GAM Esports and Riot are collaborating to bring VCS to Worlds. This comes as a shock considering the announcement Riot made a few days earlier.

There is a twitter chain there to follow as there is a lot of information to unpack. The two documents shared in the tweet confirms Riot endorsing VCS at Worlds.

The first document is an invitation for the players to come to Worlds 2021 signed by both the Head of Riot Esports Southeast Asia, Christopher Tran, and Head of Riot Esports, John Needham. The second document is to endorse costs for the teams under Riot Games signed by Christopher Tran. There is likely some confirmation and an endorsement required for John Needham before that goes forward.

From these documents, it is clear VCS wants to be at Worlds. Chances are still slim given how things have shaped up and Riot’s already made announcement for Worlds. Thus, Riot will have to make a decision very soon in order to potentially integrate VCS back to Worlds 2021.

If it were to happen, we could revert the format back to Worlds 2019 to accommodate the two teams. Rogue would inevitably go back to the play-ins with GAM Esports taking their spot if it were to happen. Furthermore, the play-ins format will need to be tweaked to add Saigon Buffalo there.

The problems that the VCS teams face now to come to Worlds is the endorsement and the sudden schedule and format changes. Also, Iceland will need to give their ok for visas, and GAM Esports is reportedly trying to smooth that out. The caveat to that is that the Vietnamese government could be a roadblock for them coming back. With the odds low, there is still hope for VCS to come to Worlds, and we should hope they do. Concluding the article, we hope VCS comes to Worlds so that we can witness all the regions performing to showcase their style of play at the biggest stage for League of Legends.

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