Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: All Endings

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Learn all about Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong endings and how to get them.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a choice-driven narrative where every decision has its effect and ultimately may branch into different endings. Hence your choices control the story dynamically, and one decision can make you come across an event later in the game, one which you may not have expected at all. There are three characters to play: Emem, Galeb, and Leysha. Furthermore, good or bad endings are differentiated by all the protagonists’ death or survival.

Distinct endings are narrated after the epilogue, which describes what happened after the game ends. This, too, depends on the choices made throughout the game, but it ultimately talks about the fate of the Camarilla and the interaction between the British and Boston Camarilla.

This guide walks you through all the possible endings of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. Helping you to attain all of them for achievements/trophies or a completionist run; or if you just want to see every scenario of the game. Please note that more endings may be added if revealed.

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Emem’s Endings

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings Emem

Emem’s story is the most explored. Playing with her is fulfilling as the whole story is packed with content. You may find playing her the most enjoyable as it is the most complete. Although her character development may fall behind on others, everything else is narrated perfectly.

i) Failing To Install The Virus In Time

During the part where you have to install a virus in the server within a given amount of time, fail the objective. In the end, S.A.D soldiers break in and shoot you to death. This ending does not really feel natural for Emem, especially since her presence in the game’s story is a driving force for many events.

Additionally, you will probably not get this ending as you get a lot of time to upload the virus. Consider this one of her worst endings in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong.

ii) Following Hilda And Denying Her Offer

Hilda asks you to follow her to her room and talk to her regarding herself. Follow her, and she will give you an offer. If you choose to reject it, Hilda kills you by stabbing you with a giant piece of wood through your chest during a fight. Since you die, consider this another bad ending. Alternatively, depending on your stats, you can kill her instead and save yourself.

iii) Following Hilda And Accepting Her Offer

In the same scene as before, follow Hilda, and after the conversation leading to her offer, accept it. In the end, the British Camarilla arrives and, as a result, ends the Boston Camarilla. Although you don’t die, it still is a bad or a sad ending as her life is completely changed to a tragic state. Her business shutdowns and her friends and family die or are implied to be dead.

iv) Ignoring Hilda And Seeing The Prince

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings

If you choose not to follow Hilda to her room. You will automatically meet with Prince Iverson. Hilda won’t talk to you about her plans, and hence you won’t know about the London Camarilla. The game ends here, and Hilda probably falls into deep trouble. The Prince’s ending monologue starts, and you are safe, living a newer life.

This is the best ending for Emem you can get.

Leysha’s Endings

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings Leysha

Leysha’s storyline is dark and depressing, but it is very intriguing. It talks a lot about mental illness, betrayal, abuse, and a general grim way of life and how people live through it or, more specifically, suffer—a depressing storyline.

Leysha comes across other main characters in the game, but her impact on the plot of the game is minimal. So much so that her part can be made into a separate story.

i) Death By The Werewolf

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings

This ending occurs depending on some choices you make when playing another character, Galeb. So there is a high chance that you may not see this ending at all.

To get this ending, encounter the murderous werewolf three times when he’s hunting you down. You will be murdered in a grizzly and bloody fashion. Furthermore, since now you’re dead, it means Halsey, your daughter, will also be killed by the werewolf. So you can tell this is the worst ending for Leysha.

ii) Not Saving Halsey From The Incinerator

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings

Your daughter, Halsey, gets trapped in an Incinerator, and you have to save her. Failing to do so will cause her to die from a fiery doom. This starts another bad ending for Leysha. Even though you’re alive, your daughter’s dead which feels even sadder. In the end, you end up in prison.

iii) Freeing Halsey But Failing To Calm Her

After she gets trapped in the incinerator in the final part of the game, you have to rescue her by completing a puzzle within a timer. It’s nothing too hard, and you also get plenty of time.

If you cannot convince Halsey out of her rage after getting her out of the raging flame, the ending starts where she kills you and leaves. Yes, this is also another twisted and sad ending, especially after what both characters have gone through.

iv) Freeing Halsey And Calming Her

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings

At this point, you probably figured out what to do to get this ending. Rescue Halsey from the incinerator by solving the puzzle in time and calm her during the final confrontation. Convince her out of her anger, and the ending starts.

Both Leysha and Halsey live together happily, a fulfilling and wholesome ending to Halsey’s story and hence, the best ending for her.

Galeb’s Endings

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings Galeb

Galeb’s character is the best throughout the game. His story may be lacking compared to the others, but his character development and everything else about him balances it out quite well.

Galeb is the oldest vampire in Boston and hence has a lot of experience and notoriety among the vampire circle. He is smart and strong and uses both of these traits to take down anyone going against him, either physically or through his menacing presence. In fact, you will see Galeb going against the other main characters of the game a few times, which may affect their paths too.

Till now, we can list only two ending for Galeb, one good and one bad.

i) Failing To Assassinate Stanford

In the final stages of Galeb’s story, he is tasked to kill Stanford. You can get this ending easily, especially if your character is still weak and does not have the proper intel. This will cause you to lose the fight against Stanford in the Final Confrontation. Galeb turns to Ash, and the mission fails. Other characters suffer the consequences. Therefore, this ending is not just bad for Galeb but maybe for the whole game.

ii) Staying by The Prince/Leaving Him (Heed The Beckoning)

Vampire Masquerade Swansong Endings

If you correctly collected all info and strengthened Galeb, you can easily take down Stanford with a feeling of success. Now you have two decide between two options. Either staying with Prince Iverson or leaving. Usually, the two options are supposed to have two different endings, but the variations are so minor that you might as well consider one ending with slight differences in what is shown. In both endings, Prince Iverson gives the same speech with some changes in the environment.

A disappointing conclusion to a great character. At least there were fantastic moments playing with him that flesh out his character.

Distinct Endings

Apart from the character endings in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, distinct endings are narrated by the Prince as an ending monologue.

A Spirit of Harmony

Hartford Chantry and Boston Camarilla are now cooperative with each other. To achieve this, Emem has to protect the Hartford chantry from allowing them to sign the unification pact with the Boston Camarilla. Moreover, you have to find out about Hilda’s betrayal and ensure her death.

Holy Corruption

This ending appears if you’ve managed to install the virus during Emem’s story. The virus severely slows down S.A.D’s operation of killing Kindreds.

Capital Flight

Boston Court falls into financial instability, and therefore a power struggle starts among the Kindreds. Shifting the power structure of the Boston Camarilla. All these occur if Jason Moore dies.

Therefore, to bring this distinct ending Jason Moore has to die during Galeb’s rescue operation. In turn, Galeb also dies.

The Fall of the Child King

Take Yardle’s side when playing as Emem. Yardley kills Baron Thane. The Anarchs attack the Long Island Base but gets overwhelmed by the well-armed S.A.D operatives. Moreover, the remaining Anarchs kill each other, fighting each other for power.

Orpheus Unleashed

Fail the confrontation against Kurt, as Emem. He does not reveal his identity and is now seeking revenge on the Camarilla, killing whoever he can. The Nosferatu Strand Master is hellbent on seeking revenge from them as he thinks his lover, Jara Drory died because of their deeds.

Collateral Damage

The British Camarilla drives away the Tremeres during the British’s takeover of Boston Camarilla. Happens after Hartford Chantry and the Boston Camarilla sign the unification pact.

For this ending to appear, Emem must not discover the identity of the betrayer while protecting the Hartford Chantry.

The Return of the Redcoats

The traitor within the Boston Camarilla is successful and helps the British Camarilla’s hostile takeover of Boston by assisting British operatives in infiltrating Boston. The Second Inquisition is avoided.

For this ending, Emem should not learn about the traitor’s identity at any point in the game. Whenever the chance arises, choose to avoid it. Alternatively, you can also get this ending if you die at the hands of Kurt or Linda during the final scene of the game and die as a part of one of Emem’s bad endings.

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