VALORANT’s Upcoming Map Bastion Seemingly Leaked

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Riot Games

A VALORANT player accidentally discovered a potential new map called ‘Bastion’.

Since VALORANT‘s release in June 2020, Riot Games has changed the game in every patch. The developers add new agents, change agents’ abilities, and maps to the game with every major update. Currently, there are 14 playable maps in VALORANT, including four Team Deathmatch maps. Pearl, Haven, and Fracture are out of the rotation from Standard and Competitive matches, but they can be played in the Custom matches.

Riot Games is currently focused on releasing the upcoming agent Clove on the day of the VCT 2024 Masters Grand Final on March 24, 2024. However, the developers might also reveal a new map in the game as one VALORANT player accidentally discovered a map during some coding experiments.

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New Map Will Be Called ‘Bastion’

Reddit user Impossible_Ad1362 posted on the official VALORANT page that they were coding a web-crawling bot for their client and discovered the image of the new map. The bot downloaded and indexed content from a web page after the Redditor used the web crawler on VALORANT’s official website.

New map leak? discovery while coding a crawling bot
byu/Impossible_Ad1362 inVALORANT

The bot could get all the maps as wallpapers, but they only noticed Icebox, Ascent, Split, Bind, and Haven on the maps section of the website. However, among the wallpapers, there was one new picture named “ValorantWallpaper_Bastion_thumbnail.jpg.”

New Potential Map ‘Bastion’

The Reddit user thought the missing maps were being added as wallpapers while the website was being updated. Although the pictures are not yet available to the public, the Bastion map is somewhat similar to Fracture, which is currently out of the map rotation. However, it is unclear if Bastion will be added to the game as a Team Deathmatch map or a new standard VALORANT map.

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