VCT 2024 Masters Free Drops: All Rewards and How to Get

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Credit: Riot Games

Like always, VALORANT will give away free rewards to players for tuning in to VCT 2024 Masters live.

VCT 2024 Masters, Madrid, is this year’s first VALORANT international tournament. 44 teams from 4 different regions have fought in the Kickoff stage. However, only 2 teams from each region have advanced to Masters.

A total of 8 teams will face off against each other in the VCT 2024 Masters tournament. However, only one team will emerge victorious, earning $3 VCT points, $250,000 USD, and the prestigious Masters trophy.

Although the viewers don’t get to take away any prize, they can surely get some free rewards by watching the event live. Here are all the VCT 2024 Masters rewards and how to get them.

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VCT 2024 Masters Free Drops and How to Get

Throughout the VCT 2024 Masters tournament, you will be able to claim two drops by watching the matches live on Twitch or YouTube. You can find the VCT 2024 Masters match schedule here.

VCT 2024 Masters Free Drops
credit: riot games

The VCT 2024 Masters drops are:

  • Title: Ñ
    • You can get the “Ñ” title by tuning in to the live matches between Mar 14 – Mar 23
  • Playercard: “VCT Push Up”
    • You can get the “VCT Push Up” Playercard by tuning in to the Grand Final live on Mar 24

You can watch the matches live on VALORANT’s official Twitch and YouTube channels. It is necessary to ensure that your Riot Games account is linked to your Twitch and YouTube accounts in order to be eligible for awards.

Here’s how you can link your Riot Games account to Twitch and YouTube:

  • Twitch:
    • Sign in to your Twitch account
    • Go to Settings
    • Click the Connections tab
    • Look for Riot Games under Recommended Connections and click “Connect”
    • A pop-up will prompt you to sign in to your Riot Games account. Sign in to your Riot account to complete the process
  • YouTube:
    • Sign in to your YouTube account
    • Go to Settings
    • Click the Connected apps tab
    • Look for Riot Games from the apps’ list and click Connect
    • Follow the process, and your Riot Games account will successfully be linked to your YouTube account

There you go! Your Twitch and YouTube accounts are linked to your Riot Games ID. Now, all you have to do is watch the matches live, and the drop will be yours.

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