VALORANT to Add VCT Themed Team Skin Bundles Very Soon

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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A recent teaser suggests that personalized skin bundles on VCT teams might be added to VALORANT.

VALORANT has been growing as a successful e-sports title since its release. More than a million of players enjoy this competitive FPS game, and the number is only increasing. As a result, The VALORANT Champions Tour, or VCT, is also getting much hype every year. Fans enjoy watching their favorite team and players battle for ultimate glory.

Taking note of the VCT tournament’s popularity, Riot Games has decided to take it a bit further. To celebrate being a loyal supporter of a team and to show off, Riot might add a skins bundle based on VCT teams. At least some recent leaks are indicating it.

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VCT Team Skin Bundles in VALORANT

Skins in VALORANT are only wearable for guns. It doesn’t offer any advantages in-game. However, some of the skins come with various features of SFX, VFX, or cool kill animations. All of these make the game more lively. Therefore, VALORANT players dream of collecting skins of their choice even if they cost a fortune. Adding this love to skin now might be a chance to equip a skin and show off loyalty towards VALORANT’s favorite VCT teams.

T1, an official VCT team from the PACIFIC region, has recently teased future team-based skin bundles on their X account.

We can see a poster that appeared to be blurry weapon skins based on T1’s color pattern featured in the background. There is also a date noted, February 22, 2024. So, we might expect these skins to be released officially by then. However, as it is just a teaser, nothing is certain yet.

VCT Team Capsule

A recent leak has been suggesting that VALORANT release Team Capsules. The Capsules will include team-specific items and will be available to buy as a bundle. As per the leaks, it will include the following items:

  • Classic skin
  • Gun Buddy
  • Player Cards
  • Spray

The skins and other cosmetics will be designed after specific VCT teams. The teams will be receiving 50 percent of the profit from these capsules.

As of now, the exact release date for these team capsules is unknown. However, the VCT 2024 seasons will commence with the regional kickoff tournaments on February 17. Expect these capsules to be released by then.

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