Riot Games has shut down its Riot Esports Network (REN) streaming platform Project.

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Recent layoffs at Riot Games’ have made them stop building their very own streaming platform.

Riot Games has been known among the community for their MOBA title League of Legends and VALORANT in FPS. But that’s not all for this developer. They have a number of more projects and games running also. To run such projects fluidly, Riot has been equipped with a large number of employees. However, recently, they had decided to lay off some of them.

The unfortunate reduction of the workforce has taken some toll on Riot. They cut off 11% of their employees from various sectors. Many of their projects had to face obstacles due to this. For example, they had to delay one of the scheduled PBEs for VALORANT. However, this sudden decision has brought a stop to their plan to make an esports streaming platform similar to Twitch.

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Riot Esports Network (REN) Has Been Cancelled

Riot Esports Network (REN) was envisioned as a mobile app mobile app designed for esports enthusiasts. Its primary goal was to stream esports events online and increase fan interactions with esports professionals. Riot was planning to feature interactive features and special rewards to engage more viewers. However, recently, they had called the project off.

The reason behind this is supposedly the sudden wave of layoffs. This has resulted in a shift in the company’s strategic priorities as the workforce has been lessened. So, the ambitious platform, which promised to revolutionize the way fans watch esports, will no longer be pursued.

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