VALORANT: Riot to change how Controller agents work in Episode 2 followed by a set of changes to Initiator and Duelist agents in Q1 of 2021

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT has four different types of agents in the game and they all serve a unique purpose.

Riot intends to make major changes to how these agents work with the launch of Episode 2. At first, Riot will target Controller agents such as Viper with this new set of changes. Furthermore, they will follow that up with additional changes to Initiator and Duelist agents.

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Apparently, Riot wants to give Initiator and Controller agents more team-focused abilities so that at the very high-level players will be encouraged to play with their teammates rather than rushing alone all the time.

Valorant's agent changes
Image via Riot Games

The main focus behind all the future changes is to incentivize team play. As Valorant is a 5v5 team-focused game, giving players more incentive to play together as a team will pay dividends in the long run.

A big shift in the meta?

It is quite clear that in 2021 Riot plans to take more risks with how they introduce new characters in the game. On top of that, they are also hinting towards a possible shift in the meta. Right now, duelists agents like Jett are becoming a vital part of the meta.

With future changes to Duelist agents, this all may change. Riot also claims they want to break more boundaries in what it means to be a character-based tactical shooter. Riot plans to start their new year with a new Duelist agent who will specialize in lurking.

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If the rumors and leaks are true then this new agent might have the ability to go completely invisible. How exactly that will work is still up in the air.

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