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By Nazmul Hassan
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Here, we’ll showcase all the Prime Gaming rewards VALORANT introduced since its introduction.

Purchasing store items is not the only way players can get customizable cosmetic items in VALORANT. Riot Games and Prime Gaming regularly come together and offer players exciting cosmetic items that they can keep forever, free of charge.

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In 2020, Riot Games partnered with Prime Gaming to give away free items to VALORANT, League of Legends, and other Riot-associated games. The promotion continued till March 2024, after which Prime Gaming decided not to renew the promotion. However, all the items given away previously will always stay in the accounts.

Here are all 44 VALORANT Prime Gaming rewards:

Drop #Item nameImageRelease DateCategory
1Netter Treter BuddySeptember-20Gunbuddies
2Pay Respects BuddyOctober-20Gunbuddies
3Clip It SprayNovember-20Sprays
410 Radianite PointsDecember-20Radianite Points
5Zoomer Pop BuddyJanuary-21Gunbuddies
6Lovebyte BuddyFebruary-21Gunbuddies
7Hot Take BuddyMarch-21Gunbuddies
8200 IQ SprayApril-21Sprays
9Pity Party Spray
10Nice Smile BuddyJune-21Gunbuddies
11EP 2 // FORMATION CardJune-21Player Cards
12Can’t Teach That SprayJuly-21Sprays
13Tower of Power BuddyAugust-21Gunbuddies
14Just Business SpraySeptember-21Sprays
15Flames in my Veins SprayOctober-21Sprays
16Outta This World BuddyNovember-21Gunbuddies
17Arcane Jinx CardNovember-21Player Cards
18Bruno Coin SprayDecember-21Sprays
19Wayfinder ShortyJanuary-22Weapon Skins
20Dance of Luck BuddyFebruary-22Gunbuddies
21Wayfinder CardMarch-22Player Cards
22Googly Moogly SprayApril-22Sprays
23Prime Time BuddyMay-22Gunbuddies
24On The Case BuddyJune-22Gunbuddies
25Eco or Ego SprayJuly-22Sprays
26Up in Arms CardAugust-22Player Cards
27Runnin’ on Empty SpraySeptember-22Sprays
28Ready to Roll BuddyOctober-22Gunbuddies
29Sic’ Em SprayNovember-22Sprays
30Slay Ride BuddyDecember-22Gunbuddies
31Slay Ride BuddyJanuary-23Gunbuddies
32Doomscrolling SprayFebruary-23Sprays
33Dimensional Drip BuddyMarch-23Gunbuddies
34Caught One CardApril-23Player Cards
35Claw and OrderMay-23Sprays
36Daruma Charm BuddyJune-23Gunbuddies
37Predicament Pals SprayJuly-23Sprays
38Knight’s Market BuddyAugust-23Gunbuddies
39Rope Burn CardSeptember-23Player Cards
40Scare Tactics CardOctober-23Player Cards
41Sip n’ SprayNovember-23Sprays
42All Yuck, No Yum SprayDecember-23Sprays
43Party’s Here SprayJanuary-24Sprays
44Light ‘Em Up SprayFebruary-24Sprays

Why VALORANT Prime Gaming Rewards Stopped?

Like before, Prime Gaming did not renew its partnership/ promotion with Riot Games from March 2024 onwards. As a result, all Riot-associated games like VALORANT and League of Legends stopped receiving Prime Gaming rewards every month.

However, the promotion may continue at any time in the future.

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