VALORANT players are now complaining that FFA Deathmatch feels like a “pre-firing practice” range with radar pings

Riot just needs to tweak some aspect of this game mode

With the patch 1.05, Riot finally introduced the much anticipated FFA Deathmatch mode in VALORANT.

The launch of patch 1.05 was a huge mess as it was filled with so many bugs that Riot even stopped competitive matchmaking along with Raze. However, players were still happy for the most part as Riot finally included the game mode that players were asking for a long time now.

Although players quickly realized there is a weird quirk with this new game mode. Since all enemies in the map are periodically revealed on the mini-map, the game becomes a “pre-firing practice” range. Riot intentionally put this radar ping in this game mode in order to stop players from just hiding in a corner and slowing down the overall pace of the match.

Does the radar ping system require an overhaul?

Image via Riot Games

However, as it turns out, players have been abusing the system to pre-fire their opponents a bit too much. As the game mode is still very new, Riot will surely make changes based upon player feedback. Although there are players who believe that the periodical ping system is a necessity in a game mode like this.

Furthermore, players think adding such a ping system allows the game to flow at a much faster pace. This is actually a decision made by Riot to make this game mode stand out from the other modes like Spike Rush, Unrated and Competitive.

Additionally, some players are suggesting Riot to add an additional deathmatch mode without the radars so that it doesn’t turn into a pre-firing festival. The game mode requires some subtle changes to be just right. Hopefully, Riot will make some necessary changes in the next patch.

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