VALORANT player makes a real-life Boom Bot using a Roomba

Imagine this thing chasing players IRL

A VALORANT player took inspiration from Raze to create a real-life Boom Bot with the help of a Roomba.

Back in the closed beta of VALORANT, Riot Games introduced Raze as one of their new agents. And surprisingly no one there were a lot of player complaints regarding how VALORANT was marketed to be a tactical shooter where gunplay matters. The inclusion of such a character that can easily frag with only using their abilities was not a huge hit among the new player base.

Raze real life Boom bot VALORANT
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Although later Riot Games apologized for their misleading marketing campaign. After many players complain Riot did later change some part of her kits. In the current state of the game, she is actually pretty well balanced.

Real-life Boom Bot:

Boom Bot is one of Raze’s abilities that deploy a small Roomba like Robot that will follow players if they are unfortunate enough to get caught in its radius. As the name implies, if this Boom Bot can somehow get close enough it will trigger an explosion causing massive damage.

Some VALORANT players decided to recreate the horror using a real-life Roomba which is generally a cleaning robot. Additionally, they also used glitters/colors to more closely resemble the actual Boom Bot that can be seen in the game.

Just like Boom Bot, this bot will follow people around and spray them with colorful powders to replicate the same experience players feel in the game.

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