VALORANT 5.01 PBE Patch Notes: Phoenix & Yoru Buff, KAY/O Changes, Killjoy Voice lines, New Agent Mage, and More

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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credit: Riot Games

Some recent VALORANT PBE info has revealed potential buffs coming to Yoru and Phoenix, along with changes to KAY/O, 23 New Killjoy Voice Lines and a new Agent codenamed “Mage”.

VALORANT Episode 5 Act 1 dropped only a few days ago. The new update introduced the new map Pearl along with the new Prelude to Chaos skin bundle. Ranks were reset, and a new rank Ascendant was added between Diamond and Immortal. In terms of agent balances, we got nothing.

In the upcoming update, Riot plans on making many changes to agents like Phoenix, Yoru, and KAY/O. We will also be getting new voice lines for Phoenix and Killjoy. And finally, we have our first bit of info about the new agent coming to VALORANT.

Thanks to some recent info about the VALORANT PBE, we now know what these changes will be. Below you will find all of them.

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VALORleaks and Shiick on Twitter recently revealed tons of info about the VALORANT current PBE. The changes are below-

New Agent:

The new agent coming to VALORANT has been codenamed “Mage”. This does not give us a ton of info about the new character, but it’s something.

Phoenix Buffs:

Pheonix might be finally getting buffed after all these years. The VALORANT community has been vocal about wanting Phoenix buffed for a while now, and Riot is working on it. The following buff ideas to Phoenix are currently being tested on the PBE servers.


  • The max duration of the flash extended from 1.1s > 1.5s
  • Flash windup has decreased from 0.7s > 0.5s

Blaze (wall):

  • If he stops bending the wall early, he will pull out his gun faster

Run It Back (ult):

  • He will now spawn back with the amount of shield he originally started with

Yoru Buff:

The potential Yoru Buffs being tested on PBE are-

Dimensional Drift (ult):

  • Time to unequip decreased from 1.2s > 0.8s
  • Duration of his ult increased from 10s > 12s

KAY/O Changes:

The potential KAY/O Buffs being tested on PBE are-


  • Removed LOS requirement to deal damage
  • Range of zone decreased from 10m > 8m

NULL/cmd (ult):

  • Allies are the only ones that hear the full audio when KAY/O is revived. Enemies will hear a short audio cue.

New Voicelines for Phoenix and Killjoy:

Riot Games has added one new voice line for Phoenix and twenty three for Killjoy.

Killjoy got 23 new voice lines and lost 1.

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