VALORANT Patch Notes 7.10: Deadlock Buff, TDM Agents Tweak, & Bug Fixes

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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VALORANT 7.10 patch notes are out. Along with it, Deadlock is receiving a big buff. The other changes remain somewhat insignificant.

Riot Games releases regular updates to keep the game fresh and bug-free. So, every 2 weeks or so, VALORANT receives minor to major updates that improve the game.

VALORANT has already received several patches as of Episode 7, and more will be added before the season ends. Riot’s most recent patch, as of this writing, is 7.10. In this patch, the developer mainly focused on Deadlock, as they made some good improvements compared to its previous state.

Jett, on the other hand, received some minor changes. However, you can’t call it a buff or a nerf. In the Team Deathmatch mode, however, Reyna and Fade were given some changes. Reyna received a notable nerf, whereas Fade got a good buff.

Apart from these, there are no other significant changes in the update. So, without further ado, here are the detailed patch notes for the VALORANT 7.10 update.

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VALORANT Full 7.10 Patch Notes

Agent Update


  • Anyone caught by GravNet will now be debuffed indefinitely until they remove it
  • Anyone caught by GravNet will now be affected by increased gravity and a reduction in mobility (For example, GravNet now reduces Jett’s Tailwind (E) distance)
  • GravNet removal time increased from 0.85s to 1.5s
  • GravNet radius increased from 6m to 8m


  • Jett’s third-person animations, while Blade Storm (X) is equipped, have been adjusted to help with combat clarity. It should now be easier to understand her movement when she’s running and throwing knives.

Team Deathmatch

  • Reyna
    • Team Deathmatch only changes:
      • Leer (C) cooldown increased from 44s to 51s
      • Empress (X) will charge 14% slower
  • Fade
    • Team Deathmatch only changes:
      • Prowler (C) cooldown decreased from 44s to 36s
      • Seize (Q) cooldown decreased from 51s to 48s

Performance Updates

  • Presets have been added to the stats page.

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Fixed a bug where the reverb was not being applied reliably to some types of sounds, including gunshots and footsteps.
    • Fixed an issue where Viper’s Pit (X) did not correctly block vision for enemies on the minimap and megamap.
    • Fixed issues with Fade’s Prowler (C) passing through certain objects.
  • Player Behavior
    • Fixed an issue where the report button text was cut off for the Arabic language on the Player Report menu.

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