VALORANT Patch Notes 5.07 PBE: Skye, Reyna, and Yoru Buff, KAY/O Nerf, Flash Visual Update, & More

Riot Games has already teased us with all the changes they have in stock for the upcoming VALORANT patch 5.07.

VALORANT Public Environment or more commonly known as VALORANT PBE, is a game testing platform where a few selected players can test new content on upcoming patches that are in development by Riot Games.

The 5.07 PBE Patch Notes mainly focused on Agent flash changes. Riot is making some notable changes to the Skye and KAY/O’s flashes to make them more suited to team plays. Although Skye’s flash is getting a significant buff, KAY/O’s right-click flash is getting a nerf in this PBE.

On the other hand, Riot is also giving buffs to Yoru and Reyna’s flashes considering they significantly underperformed in the last VALORANT Champions. These changes will make Initiator flashes more balanced toward team plays and Duelists such as Reyna and Yoru more acceptable.

Apart from these major changes, Riot is making a progression upgrade and visual flash changes. Players can also choose their favorite gun skins, Player cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies, and level borders from the next update. Additionally, a collection filter option is also tested in the 5.07 PBE.

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VALORANT Patch Notes 5.07 PBE



  • Guiding Light (E) flashbang scaling paradigm changed
    • The max flash duration of Skye’s Guiding Light now scales from 1.25s to 2.25s over a .75s charge up after being cast
    • Guiding Light can no longer be shot and destroyed
    • New VFX, UI, and sounds added to communicate new gameplay intent
    • [Not in PBE] Unequip Delay out of Guiding Light increased .75s >>> .85s
    • Underhand (right-click) flashbang max duration decreased 2s>>>1.25s
    • Overhand (left-click) flashbang max duration increased 2s>>>2.25s
    • [Not in PBE] Unequip Delay out of both flashes decreased .6s >>> .85s


  • Leer
    • Wind-up of nearsight effect increased .6s >>> .4s
    • Range Restriction on Leer removed
    • Nearsight unequip delay decreased: .7 >>> .5
    • Nearsight unequip delay set to “Instant”
    • Duration decreased 2.6s >>> 2.0s
  • BLINDSIDE (Q) duration increased 1.5s >>>1.75s
  • Flash Visual Updates
    • 3P visuals for flashed enemies and allies now render behind the player’s head the moment that the flash starts to fade. This should give a clearer indication if players are full flashed or if the flash has started to fade.
    • 1P visuals when fully flashed now shrink overtime to give a better indication of when the full flash will end and the flash fading out will begin.
    • Increased the window for awarding assists on flashes, nearsights and concusses from 1 >>> 3 seconds after the debuff starts to fade.
      • Context: We felt the assist window on these debuffs didn’t reflect their actual duration of impact, and want to make sure the supportive players are more often recognized and rewarded for setting up situations their teammates capitalize on.
  • Reduced the size of the hologram on the body marker that shows up when dead bodies are turned off.


  • Fixed issue where KAY/O’s NULL/CMD disabled Killjoy’s Turret if the turret is hit by a pulse but Killjoy is not
  • Fixed issue where Killjoy’s Turret fires straight forward after firing at an enemy and then losing sight of them
  • Fixed issue where Killjoy’s Turret would fire with no target when coming online if it was disabled while firing at a target
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix would not automatically re-equip a weapon at the end of Run It Back
  • Fixed Breach’s Rolling Thunder showing dead enemies hit in the combat report
  • Fixed issue where if a player was deafened by multiple sources, when the first deafen ended it removed the deafening effect completely


  • Favorites & Filters
    • Added the ability to favorite gun skins, Player cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies and level borders (favorites persist until un-favorited)
    • Added the ability to filter your collection (filters persist until next login)
      • Gun skins: Owned/Unowned, Favorites/Non-Favorites, Tiers (Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, Exclusive)
      • All others: Owned/Unowned, Favorites/Non-Favorites
  • Random Favorites
    • In addition to being able to sort through your weapon collection and set your favorite weapons, you can now equip the Random Favorite for every weapon type. This will make it so that each game you play, you get one of your favorite weapons (along with one of the variants that you own) at random each time you enter a match.

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