VALORANT Night Market February 2023: Starting and Ending Dates

We finally have a start and end date for VALORANT’s February Night Market in 2023.

VALORANT is a tactical 5v5 Hero shooter game developed by Riot Games. Since its release, VALORANT has garnered the attention of a lot of gamers. Being free-to-play and beginner-friendly, VALORANT is enjoyed by millions of players all around the world.

VALORANT skins are quite expensive, especially the high-tier ones. That’s where Night Market comes into play. VALORANT offers 6 random skins in the Night Market at a discount price. However, it only comes once in every Act and lasts for about 14 days.

Thanks toRiot Game’s announcement, we now have the official starting and ending dates of VALORANT’s first Night Market in 2023, which will be held in February.

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Night Market Start and End Date

The first Night Market of 2023 will run from February 15th through the 27th, according to official dates just revealed by VALORANT.

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