VALORANT new “Run it back” skin Bundle: Price, Included Weapons, and more

VALORANT new “Run it back” bundle has been leaked with details like included weapons, release date, and much more.

VALORANT skins become the talk of the Internet whenever a new bundle comes out. Their high price and unique designs made them a popular topic in the community. The most talked-about bundle in VALORANT was perhaps the Elderflame bundle. After that Riot released a lot of new and unique weapon bundles that grabbed the attention of players.

VALORANT item shop rotation is based on RNG and is different for each player. This means that some players that want a specific gun skin might have to wait a long time for it to come back. Also, all previous weapon skin bundle skins were of the same style. The “Run it back” is the first bundle that is mixed. This skin bundle apparently contains some of the best skin from the last few months.

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VALORANT “Run it back” Bundle:

ValorLeaks on Twitter recently leaked a new “Run it back” bundle that will be released soon. According to the leak, the skin bundle will have a variety of skins from previous weapon bundles.

Weapon Skins Included:

The weapons that will be featured in this bundle are the Phantom, Operator, Spectre, Ares, and Ghost.

The Phantom skin is from the previous Oni collection. While the operator included in the bundle is from the Spline pack. The Ghost and the Spectre are from the Sovereign and Prime bundle respectively. Finally, the Ares is from the Nebula collection pack. There is no knife skin included with the bundle.


The price for the “Run it back bundle” will apparently be 5946 VP(VALORANT points). If you want to buy the bundle then you will have to get the USD 99.99 VP bundle as the bundle below this is USD 49.99 and offers only offers 5350 VP. The price of the pack is 5946 VP so you will be a few hundred VP short if you get the USD 49.99 VP pack.

Release Date:

We still don’t know the official release date of this bundle but it might release with the new battle pass Act. We might have to wait for an official statement from Riot games to know the release date of this bundle.

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