VALORANT’s New Game Mode Replication: How It Works, Release Date & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Riot Games just teased their new game mode called Replication. And it will be added to the game fairly soon.

Riot Games developed VALORANT from the ground up to be a 5v5 tactical shooter with some hero shooter mechanics baked in. Even though the core unrated and ranked game mode is really solid, players still want more unique game modes where they can just mess around with their friends and have fun.

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Riot happily obliged and added game modes like Spike Rush, Escalation, and Deathmatch. But since players still want more unique game modes from Riot, they are now introducing another new game mode called Replication to give players more choice.

Replication Game Mode


  • Best-of-nine Spike mode
    • 80-second rounds
    • 45-second pistol round, with 30-second subsequent rounds
  • All players on the same team play as the same Agent (e.g. 5 Sages against 5 Jetts)
    • Agent selection is decided in pre-match voting.
  • Abilities, minus ultimates, are refreshed each round
    • Gain +1 ultimate points per round at the start of the round (except Overtime rounds)
  • Set amount of credits each round regardless of win/loss
    • Per-round credit amounts:
      • 900
      • 2400
      • 3900
      • 6000
  • Weapon and shield are reset each round
  • Being flashed twice within a 4 second window grants FLASHGUARD to the player
    • FLASHGUARD: Cannot be blinded
      • Duration: 5 seconds


  • Same as unrated:
    • 100 xp per round played.
    • Additional 200 xp per round won.


  • Replication is available for two weeks starting today, ending on May 25
  • We’ll then update you on our new game modes plan for VALORANT
  • We’re always evolving our game mode offerings depending on how you respond, so jump in and don’t miss out!

Turns out, it is a limited-time game mode. So, enjoy this unique game mode before time runs out.

Replication Release Date

Replication is a limited time game mode that will go live on May 11th and will end on May 25th.

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