VALORANT is introducing more severe and faster penalties for a wide range of offenses to combat toxic behavior

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Riot Games is tightening up its regulations on player behavior. There will not be any more compassion given to the offenders.

VALORANT made several player behavior system updates since its release in an effort to combat toxic players and promote a friendly community. It is undeniable that VALORANT is among the few games that truly take the necessary steps to address this issue.

However, as VALORANT has a global community of millions of players from all across the world with diverse cultures and languages, it is a challenging task for Riot Games to fully eradicate toxicity from the game.

Still, VALORANT is always refining its player system to make sure that no player in the community has to put up with harassment, threats, and toxic behavior. Although players are extremely appreciative of the existing player behavior system that VALORANT has built over the years, Riot Games is always striving to make it even better with never-ending adjustments. And the upcoming changes will be a step into the friendly new world of VALORANT.

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Upcoming Player Behavior Updates

The head of Riot Games’ studio, Anna Donlon, spoke about the company’s upcoming actions against toxic conduct in a video that VALORANT recently uploaded on X. The 7:41-minute video addressed a wide range of subjects related to VALORANT’s current player behavior system, including its challenges, the gravity of the offenses and penalties, and areas where it may be improved to function better.

According to Anna, Riot Games is aware that the “existing penalties are not doing enough right now to remove the most disruptive competitive players from VALORANT in an efficient manner.” To tackle that, VALORANT will undergo these specific changes in the near future:

  • Severe and faster penalties: In the next 30 days, Riot Games will finalize updating the existing player behavior system policies. The updates will focus on severe and faster penalties for severe behaviors such as hate speech, severe sexual content, and threats of violence. More adjustments will follow when and where they’re needed.
  • Broad range of penalties including new ones: New penalties will be introduced to address a broad range of behavioral offenses. The severity of these penalties will range from temporary bans to permanent hardware bans. The hardware bans will only be for extreme cases with clear evidence and manual reviews.
  • Adding support for more manual reviews: Due to the changes and increase in penalties, there will be a need for more manual reviews. So, Riot Games will increase support for the teams needed to accommodate that.
  • Rolling out RVE in different regions: Riot Voice Evaluation will be rolled out to more regions later this year, adding additional support for different languages. The RVE has been really effective in North America so far, as it has managed to reduce repeated offenses by 75%. So, Riot Games believes that rolling out RVE in other regions will also yield similar results.
  • Taking action against offenders from previous Act: A one-time evaluation will be conducted on the suspected offenders from the previous Act, and a penalty will be issued. So, many players who are clear right now may also receive penalties due to something they did in the previous Act.

At the end of the video, Anna also emphasized that the changes are intended to facilitate a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy playing VALORANT rather than to prevent the worst from happening. Hopefully, Riot Games’ expectations for the upcoming player behavior update will make VALORANT a healthier experience.

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