Release of VALORANT Replay System May Still Take Some Time as Developers Face Challenge

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

Developers recently talked about the current situation of the VALORANT replay system and gave an early look at the most demanded feature.

For any competitive FPS shooter, a replay system is one of the most important features to improve anyone’s gameplay. It not only lets players find mistakes and amend them, but it also helps them find some historical moments that may get forgotten if not recorded at that exact moment.

Popular multiplayer FPS titles like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 2 have built-in demo systems that players can access whenever they want. The VALORANT community has also been asking for a similar system for quite some time now.

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VALORANT did not come with a replay system during the release. But after its launch, on different occasions, the developers said that the replay system would eventually make it into the game. However, they did not give players anything that would convince them. Until now.

Replay System’s Current Update and Early Look

Riot Games finally gave us the first look at the VALORANT replay system and shared why it is taking so much time to come out. VALORANT’s tech lead, Marcus Reid, shared some insight regarding what’s going on with the development of VALORANT replay on May 21’s Dev Updates video.

YouTube video

The video showed us a prototype of the VALORANT replay system that has a free cam, cycle agent, hide UI, and other important features. The early look of the replay system looks great. However, Marcus Reid clearly stated that the replay system is “nowhere near launch” yet.

Marcus continued explaining why that is the case and showed some of the “challenges” they are trying to overcome with the replay system. As VALORANT was not initially developed with the replay system in mind, the developers had to start working on it basically from scratch.

valorant replay system prototype
credit: riot games

In the video, Marcus demonstrated some of the challenges with the prototype replay system, where the dynamic assets show defects and are quite out of sync with the actual gameplay. As VALORANT is made of thousands of these assets, the developers need to make sure to check all of them individually to see if they’re responding as they should without breaking the actual game.

While some of the defects are not major, the developers still want to make sure that players get a proper replay system and not just something VALORANT gave to players just to satisfy them temporarily. And it may take time. But it’s getting close!

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