VALORANT Flashback: How to Check Your 2022 VALORANT Stats

2022 is almost over. Now is the time to check your overall stats and progression through VALORANT Flashback. Here’s how you can do it.

Unlike many other FPS games, you can’t track your overall stats in VALORANT. Although some third-party websites and trackers can show you your VALORANT stats, they are not always accurate.

So, if you are curious about your 2022 VALORANT stats, don’t worry! Like previous years, Riot Games is bringing back VALORANT Flashback in 2022. Through it, you can see your VALORANT stats, such as best Agent, Headshot count, K/D Ratio, Matches won, Damages dealt, and more for the year 2022.

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How to Get VALORANT Flashback Stats

To access VALORANT Flashback, players need to opt-in to receive VALORANT’s promotional e-mails before December 26, 2022. Because at the end of the year, Riot Games will send everyone their personalized #VALFlashback e-mail with stats detailing all the cool stuff they achieved in 2022.

So, if you don’t opt-in for VALORANT’s promotional e-mails before December 26, 2022, you might not be able to get VALORANT Flashback stats later.

To opt-in for VALORANT’s promotional e-mails:

Credit: Riot Games
  • Then check the “Communications from Riot Games” box.
Communications from Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

There you go! Now all you have to do is wait. After December 26, 2022, you’ll receive an e-mail from Riot Games containing your personalized stats. You can use this to show off to your friends or keep this to compare it with previous years’ VALORANT Flashback stats.

If you don’t get any e-mail from Riot Games or VALORANT, make sure to check the promotions or spam folder. Sometimes, the e-mail may take longer for you to receive. However, be patient. If you opted-in for VALORANT marketing e-mail, you’ll receive VALORANT Flashback stats soon.

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