VALORANT Champions 2024 To Be Held In Seoul, South Korea

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Riot has revealed the venue for this year’s Champions event.

The competitive scene of VALORANT has returned with VCT 2024. The season has started with the exclusive VCT Kickoff tournament. This action-packed season will also be followed by two Masters and International League Stages global events. All of these will ultimately lead to the final event, VALORANT Champions 2024.

VALORANT Champions is the ultimate event of glory where one team is crowned as the world champion. This has been a regular event for the VCT season since 2021. However, every year, the venue has been changed. The first Champions took place in Berlin, following Istanbul in 2022, and finally, last year, Los Angeles took pride as the host. Now that a new season has started, a new Champions venue has also been announced.

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Seoul Will be the Host of VALORANT Champions 2024

Seoul Will be the Host of VALORANT Champions 2024

Riot has recently announced the host for the VALORANT Champions 2024. This year, the honor will be received by Seoul, South Korea. This will be the first time the Champions event will be held in the Pacific region.

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“It’s my pleasure to officially announce that Champions 2024 will be held here in Seoul, South Korea from 1st to 24th August.”

Jake Sin, Head of VALORANT Esports APAC

After covering Europe and America, this will be the first time since VALORANT Champions began in 2021 that Champions will be held in the Asia Pacific region. This is obviously very exciting news not just for Korean fans but for everyone in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

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