V Rising: How to Get the Blood Key

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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The Blood Key is a legendary item that will open doors for you, and you will be able to handle the boss-level enemies more smoothly! This guide will show you the path to getting the Blood Key in V Rising.

There is one legendary item at the end of the game: the Blood Key. You must fight boss enemies to get that key. The Blood Key will help you get to the next part of V Rising, which is still in a developing situation.

Blood Key is a gem-like item to put in your bag. It is not like any other item which you can acquire easily. To get the Blood Key, you must fight with your full power and survive.

V Rising: How to Get the Blood Key in V Rising
Credit: Osterberg501 ( YT )

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How to Get the Blood Key

Blood Key is a precious item you can get with your skills in fighting.

To get the Blood Key, you must:

Fortress Of Light

Go to the Fortress of Light in the Silverlight Hills to find and defeat Solarus, The Immaculate. He is your only way to get the Blood Key.

Defeat: Solarus The Immaculate

You must defeat Solarus to get the Blood Key recipe. Solarus, The Immaculate, is the highest boss-level enemy in V Rising. So you can already guess he is not easy to kill. This is why you must use your powers and fighting skills to defeat him.

V Rising: How to Get the Blood Key in V Rising
Credit: Osterberg501 ( YT )

Go Back To Castle

After getting the crafting recipe from Solarus, you may go back to your castle and gather the following crafting items;

  • Gold Ingot x6
  • Primal Blood Essence x3
  • Gem Dust x300
  • Dark Silver Ingot x21

You must gather these items and create the Blood Key at your Jewelcrafting Table.

And voila, your Blood Key is ready. So gather your courage and power to use this Blood Key in the next upcoming chapter of V Rising!

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