How To Make A Prison Cell In V Rising

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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To maintain the perfect Blood Type score and relieve your thirst for drinking blood as the Vampire Lord, you should gather prisoners in your own Prison Cells. This guide will show you how to make a Prison Cell in V Rising!

In V Rising, you may hold captives in Prison Cells for different purposes like feeding on the hostages, creating servants out of them, and much more! Creating Prison Cells will also help you to upgrade your power.

As the Vampire Lord, you must search for ways to control the region and your castle to create your legacy. But to do so, you will need energy, so much energy. This is because you are a vampire, and your power comes from drinking pure blood.

To get the pureblood, you must gather hostages in your Prison Cells to feed on their blood to gather your energy and power.

How to make a prison cell in V Rising
Credit: InnovSurvivalist

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How To Make A Prison Cell

To create Prison Cells, you may follow the steps:

Dunley Farmlands

You must go to the Dunley Farmlands to get the recipe to craft your Prison Cell in your castle.

Kill: Vincent The Frostbringer

You will get the recipe to build Prison Cells after defeating Vincent in Dunley Farmlands.

Lure Humans

After getting the crafting recipe and creating the Prison Cells, you may lure humans to the cells with your magic power and hold them as hostages. But you must keep them alive.

How to make a prison cell in V Rising
Credit: InnovSurvivalist

This is how you can create Prison Cells in V Rising. Best Of Luck!!!

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