V Rising: How To Get Twilight Snapper

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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You can catch fish in V Rising! And if that fish turns out to be a magical Twilight Snapper, then BOOM! It is your lucky day. This guide will tell you about the ways of getting Twilight Snapper.

You don’t need to always fight as the Vampire Lord in V Rising. You can also have some fun by catching fish in the small ponds or creeks in this game. There is one particular and exceptional fish which is known as Twilight Snapper.

As fishing in real life is not so easy, you can already guess that fishing in V Rising would also be tremendously hard work for you to get done. Nevertheless, you can catch this Twilight Snapper with some tips and tricks and a systematic procedure.

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How To Get Twilight Snapper

To get these rare fishes like Twilight Snapper, you must follow the steps below:

Find Small Ponds or Creeks

Twilight Snappers are not indifferent to other fishes except it is in a magical world. You can get a Twilight Snapper from any pond. You have to search every pond to find one Twilight Snapper. Be patient!

Kill: Rufus The Foreman

You will need to remove Rufus from the picture, as Rufus The Foreman has the Fishing Pole. You must need a Fishing Pole to catch this beautiful Twilight Snapper.

Keep Your Ears Open

After getting the Fishing Pole from Rufus The Foreman, you may put down the Fishing Pole into any of the ponds in V Rising and look for the splashing sound made by fishes. Then, whenever you hear this sound, immediately put down the Fishing Pole to catch the Twilight Snapper.

After completing the whole process of steps, you will eventually get the Twilight Snapper.

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