UUNO returns to G2 Esports R6S Roster; Ramalho joins as Coach

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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G2 Esports has announced new signings for their Rainbow Six Siege team, and the familiar face of UUNO has returned.

UUNOMEISTER is back in G2 Esports, and joining him is Ramalho, the new head coach of G2, who will be replacing G2 legend Fabian.

UUNO joined G2 back in 2019 after jNSzki left the legendary Siege roster. But G2 experienced a big downfall after 2019 and it continued to get worse throughout 2020. Because of the inconsistent and poor results, G2 continued to make many changes, and UUNO eventually left the org in 2021.

Here’s what UUNOMEISTER shared on Twitter (X):

“Once I heard I had the opportunity to come back, I felt like now it’s time to finish the job I left behind the last time. And that is to be the best team in the world.”

G2 Esports are currently the Six Invitational Champions; however, they failed to win the Copenhagen Major and didn’t have a strong showing in the Gamers8 tournament. G2 recently replaced Blurr with Gemini, but now that UUNO is here to fulfill the role of a supporting player, Gemini will most likely drop to the inactive roster.

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