Upgrade Your Flame Alter in Enshrouded

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Learn how to upgrade Flame Alter in Enshrouded.

The mystical land of Embervale is nestled within the enchanting realm of Enshrouded. Here, you will explore diverse landscapes, uncover hidden treasures, and unlock powerful artifacts. Use these items to upgrade your base.

But here’s the catch: to take your base to new heights, you gotta power up the mighty Flame Alter. It’s this ancient magic-infused artifact. And that is what will be searching for today.

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The Flame Alter is the source of all energy in your base, and to progress your base further, you must increase its power. Upgraded Flame Alter allows you to expand your base and build higher-level items. This guide will teach us how to upgrade Flame Alter in Enshrouded.

How to Upgrade Flame Alter

flame alter

Upgrading the Flame Alter can be a bit challenging. It requires some serious skills to gather all the necessary resources. Now, some of the resources like Red Mushrooms and Bones are easier to find while you’re out exploring the open world. But, there are other items that might give you a hard time. Each upgrade of the Flame Alter might need different items to be collected. So, my advice is to refer to the list and try your best to collect all the required items.

The Spark is a rare item required to upgrade the Flame Alter. You can collect Sparks from the Flame Shrines whenever you find one. So, the only way to gather more Spark to upgrade your base is to explore more and more. Look around the world for the Flame Shrines and get Sparks from them.

Advantages of Upgrading Flame Alter

Upgrading the Flame Alter comes with a bunch of benefits. You get to increase your Shroud time, activate more Altars, enjoy character attribute bonuses, and even expand the number of Flame Alters you can place. Plus, these Alters can also serve as handy fast travel points, making it super easy and quick to get around the map.

You can also level up your Altar for even more buffs and a wider coverage area. But here’s the catch: you’ll need to defeat the game’s bosses to collect the precious Shroud Cores. The first upgrade boosts your base range to 80x80x80, while the second upgrade expands it to a whopping 120x120x120. So, gear up!

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