Ubisoft reveals the possibility of hosting Six Invitational 2022 with an on-site audience

During the Six Sweden Major, Ubisoft confirmed that the Six Invitational 2022 would be returning to Montreal, but without an on-site audience.

This news was welcomed with a wave of disappointment from the Rainbow Six Siege community. The Six Invitational is more than an esports event, it is a festival for Siege fans, as they come together in a single place to celebrate everything about Siege.

After listening to the community, Ubisoft has shared a message in their blog post, providing insights into what led to this decision and hinting at the possibility of hosting SI with a limited on-site audience. Read Ubisoft’s statement below:

“Since the very first edition, the Six Invitational has always been more than just a tournament. More than esports, more than crowning a World Champion for the season, the Six Invitational is this special moment of the year, full of emotion, a moment when the entire Siege family, may it be fans, professional players, game developers or esports staff, comes together to celebrate a new year in Rainbow Six Siege. With such a symbolic event, we understand that our decision not to host a live audience has come as a disappointment to members of our community.”

“With the next competitive milestone fast approaching, we wanted to give you some insights into what led to this decision. With the health and safety of our pro players, fans, staff, and partners being our number one priority, we consider each and every event based on empirical data, a global risk evaluation and ongoing assessments of the pandemic’s trajectory. Being international at its very core, the Six Invitational gathers people coming from all around the world to celebrate Siege and take part in not only watching the matches in the arena for extensive periods of time, but also participating in multiple community activities. We will continue to monitor the global situation over the coming months and will reevaluate the option of a limited on-site audience in January 2022, should the local requirements and restrictions allow it. In parallel, we are dedicated to making the Six Invitational 2022 a true moment of celebration for the community at large. We are working on new ideas that we look forward to sharing with you soon.”

“We’re nothing but grateful and humbled by the support you’ve shown to the game since the beginning of our esports activities on Rainbow Six Siege, as well as throughout the pandemic and the multiple adjustments we had to implement as a result. While we hope this sheds some light on the current situation, rest assured that we cannot wait to welcome back fans in our esports events and that all teams are hard at work towards that common goal.”

“While we continue monitoring the evolution of the pandemic around the world, the next milestone for the Six Invitational 2022 are the regional Qualifiers, with 4 additional slots – one per region – up for grabs.”

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