Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace to trade cosmetic items

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

In a surprising move, Rainbow Six Siege has announced its own marketplace, a platform where Siege players can trade their cosmetic items like weapon skins.

During the Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze reveal panel, Ubisoft revealed the latest addition to Rainbow Six Siege: a Marketplace for in-game cosmetic items.

Fans have been wanting for a feature like this for years, and have almost given up the thought of getting one. But to everyone’s surprise, Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Counter-Strike-like skin marketplace.

Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta

r6 share tier 2 2022 skins
Image: Ubisoft

The R6S Marketplace “is a safe and anonymous web platform for eligible players to trade their eligible items”, as stated by Ubisoft.

However, do keep in mind that all transactions made on this platform can only be completed using R6 Credits. So players won’t be able to get real money or even Steam currency using this Marketplace. There is also a 10% transaction fee imposed on every successful trade.

Ubisoft has said that players will be able to use this new Marketplace from a browser and mobile. After logging in players can trade different types of cosmetic items like weapon skins, charms, uniforms, etc. Players will now have the chance to own the rare skins that was introduced long before they started playing the game.

As of now, Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed many details about this new platform, so we are unsure if players can set the price for their items manually or if there will be a fixed price for every item.

We know how massive CS2’s (previously CS:GO) skin marketplace is, so Ubisoft might have pulled up a successful move here. However, with a skin-trading place, many grey markets might come through, so Ubisoft will have to carefully tread around this new feature.

You can register for Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace right now. Just head over to Ubisoft’s website and sign in to get early access to the R6 Marketplace Beta.

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