Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze: New Operator Tubarão, Lair Map, Marketplace, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 4 Operation Deep Freeze was fully revealed today, and a lot of exciting new changes are on their way to Siege.

Ubisoft has revealed Siege’s Y8S4 which is titled ‘Operation Deep Freeze’, and it is bringing the brand-new operator Tubarão. Hailing from Portugal, Tubarão is a 2-speed, 2-health Defender with versatile weapons and gadgets suitable for roamer and anchor roles.

Alongside the operator, R6S players will be getting a brand-new map ‘Lair’, the secret den of the antagonist Deimos. We have highlighted all the big changes coming with R6S Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze below.

New Operator Tubarão

zoto canister

The new operator Tubarão has a gadget called the ‘Zoto Canister‘. This is a throwable device and when it hits a surface it supercools anything in its working radius. Attackers’ gadgets, in Zoto’s radius, will get disabled until the cooling effect disappears after a few seconds. Even Attackers themselves will be slowed down when moving in the supercooled zone of the Zoto Canister.

Tubarão’s loadout include MPX (SMG), AR-15.50 (a.k.a Maverick’s DMR), P226 MK25 pistol. For secondary gadgets he will have a choice of Nitro Cell or Proximity Alarm, allowing players to use him in different playstyles.

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New Map – Lair

The newest addition to the map pool of Siege is ‘Lair’. This map is designed to be a military base for Deimos – the villain from the current Siege lore. Built into a massive cavern, Lair has numerous entry points on each floor, including a top-floor spawn point, so Defenders will have to make the most of the Prep Phase to prepare for aggressive entry.

The new map Lair will remain unbannable in Ranked throughout Y8S4.

Versus AI and Map Run Modes

Two new playlists or game modes have been added to Siege to help new players get onboard with the game. The versus AI mode will let players play against five AI defenders, who have been designed to play normally like human players. AI defenders will reinforce common walls, use unique gadgets, and play power positions as you try to attack the site. 

On the other hand, Map Run is a new training mode designed to help players learn key room names and locations on various maps. Knowing the callouts of important areas of a Siege map is crucial for team play, so this is a much-welcomed update.

Frag Grenade Change

Now coming to the most controversial update to Siege in Y8S4, Frag Grenades are being changed. The devs have decided to nerf the effectiveness of a Frag Grenade and how strong they are at killing and destroying utility by removing the cooking feature. Ubisoft indeed stopped us from cooking.

This change has riled up the Siege community, as it has been a core feature of Siege for such a long time and they believe it will lower the skill ceiling. Even pro players will now have to quickly adapt to this new meta, where Frag Grenades cannot be used to kill operators from below or in tight positions without gunfights.

On the bright side, Defenders, who previously did not have a chance to respond to a perfectly cooked nade from below or another place will get a chance to move away to safety.

Controller Remapping

Console (Controller) users can rejoice as Ubisoft is finally introducing custom controller remapping in the game. The new settings will also allow players to customize Stick Dead Zone options and even let players set them to 0.

Another big update that is coming later mid-season is the ability to switch the lean behavior on controllers. Players have the option to use the existing Controller Lean Behavior, which stops leaning when not aiming down sights, or opt for the Alternate option where players maintain their leaning position even when not aiming down sights.

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