Ubisoft addresses Rainbow Six Siege’s game-breaking desynchronization bug

With the recent Y7S3.3 patch, a game-breaking desynchronization bug was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft has now addressed this issue.

The mid-season Y7S3.3 Patch introduced a lot of balancing changes and also brought along a new major desynchronization bug with the player model.

To elaborate, some players are noticing their player model is desynced from their actual place. So, on the client side, you will be moving around the map with no problem; however, your desynced character won’t be able to kill any enemies, as the actual character model is someplace else around the map.

An occurrence of this game-breaking bug can be seen below:

As this bug enables players to roam around the map without being seen by the enemies, they can exploit it to gain unfair visual intel, similar to an invisible Iana hologram.

Ubisoft was aware of this issue’s severity and stopped this bug from reoccurring by disabling an option in the background. Unfortunately, disabling this option also introduces a new crash occurrence, which players will face in some matches. The devs have also shared that they are treating this issue as a top priority, and a fix will most likely be deployed early next week.

In the meantime, you can help the devs investigate these issues by reporting them in R6Fix.

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