Twitch Streamer Runs 10Km Marathon in Full Lord of the Rings Armor to Raise Money for Charity

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Twitch streamer OrcRun during his recent 10Km marathon run Credit: OrcRun Twitch channel

A Twitch streamer by the name of ‘OrcRun’ ran a 10Km marathon in full Lord of the Rings Orc Armor to raise money for charity.

Twitch is a great place for Charity streams. Many Twitch streamers are often seen organizing charity streams where the viewers donate money for good causes. Over the years we have seen numerous charity streams which managed to donate money to different causes. But a Twitch streamer called Orcrun’s charity streams sure deserves mention as one of the most creative ways to raise money for charity.

‘OrcRun’ is a Twitch health and fitness channel with a little over 2500 followers. As the name suggests the streamer runs marathons wearing a full set of Lord of the Rings Black Orc Armor. The armor is not made by OrcRun and is custom-made from Italy.

The streamer uses a Macbook, Two phones, an Apple Watch, and a GoPro to stream on the run and interact with the Twitch chat. The viewers can also see Orcrun’s progress during the marathon runs via a custom-made IOS app that pairs up with the Apple Watch to display the heart rate and distance to the finish line.

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OrcRun 10k Charity Marathon Run:

Recently OrcRun streamed his 10Km charity Marathon run on his Twitch channel. The donation goal for this charity run was 1500 USD. The donation requirement was met and went over the target by the time OrcRun finished his 10Km run. It took OrcRun around 1 hour to finish the 10Km marathon in the full Armor set.

After finishing the marathon Orcrun said, “Holy Sh*t guys, I see the donos, that’s insane. Damn guys we hit the goal”. OrcRun was also left gasping for air as he claimed, “Holy Sh*t, near the end there, I couldn’t breathe, there are holes in the mask but once it gets wet nothing gets through.”

One viewer asked in the chat, how did OrcRun hold out for so long. Orcrun replied saying that, “My arm was falling off 3k in. Holy Sh*t that was nuts.”

Hopefully, we get to see more Orcrun charity streams in the future as they give enjoyment to the viewers and at the same time work towards a greater goal.

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