Minecraft YouTuber ‘Toasty’ Formerly ‘Bashurverse’ Passes Away Due to Covid-19 Complications

OG Minecraft YouTuber ‘Toasty’ formerly known as ‘Bashuverse’ recently passed away.

Brandon Dylan Ashur or more commonly known as ‘Toasty’ and formerly known as ‘Bashuverse’ recently passed away due to Covid-19 related complications. Bashuverse documented his battle with the virus on his second channel and Twitter. He used to explain his recovery progress to all his fans and followers. But the news of his passing started circulating on different social media websites.

Bashuverse Twitter posts
image credit: cartonofshi Twitter

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The news of Bashuverse passing away came from his sister, Anesa Ashur’s Facebook post. According to the post, we learn that at the time of death Bashuverse was 36 years old. It also explains how Bashuverse fought strongly against Covid and inspired so many people online. The Post reads,

“Brandon Dylan Ashur. There are so many things I could say but I don’t think I could even put our lives into words if I wanted to. Why is this beast so terrible? Why did it have to get you? You have faced so many challenges in your 36 years, never would I imagine we would lose you to a pandemic. You are one of the strongest people I know, and pushed through no matter what the internet said, no matter what people wanted to think… you proved how amazing of a soul you are. I love you, to the moon and back.

-my brother fought covid, and unfortunately lost the battle. He has moved so many people through streaming. His 1.5 million on YouTube. The endless streamers on twitch. He fought so many demons while saving millions of people without even realizing it. I cannot believe this is happening. He withstood every stupid comment made by the people who wanted him to fail. He was amazing. He is amazing. I hate this so much.”

Bashuverse's Sister Facebook Post
image credit: cartonofshi Twitter

A Moderator on Ashur’s discord channel also confirmed the news of his passing. The discord post explains that Brandon was doing slightly better on Friday morning but later passed away due to Covid.

Bashuverse pass away announcement discord
Image credit: cartonofshi Twitter

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