Twitch Streamer Codemiko Gets Banned for using ShockCollar

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Popular Twitch streamer Codemiko has been banned for the 5th time on Twitch for reportedly using a shock collar during stream.

Codemiko is a famous American Virtual Interactive Twitch streamer. She rose to fame after she started streaming as a virtual avatar called Codemiko. She took the whole Virtual streaming to a whole new level with full-body tracking, virtual backgrounds, and props. Her witty personality and shenanigans made her stand out from other virtual streamers.

At present, Codemiko has more than 924k followers on Twitch, and her channel averages around 2k viewers. But her shenanigans also make her streams popular and make her get in trouble with Twitch.

During her recent Stream, Codemiko tried some of her usual shenanigans, which got her banned from Twitch for the 5th time.

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Codemiko 5th Ban

StreamerBans, a Twitter bot, announced the news of Codemiko’s 5th ban. According to the Streamerbans website, this is Miko’s 5th ban on Twitch.

Reason for Codemiko’s Ban

At the time of writing this article, Codemiko did not reveal the duration of the Twitch ban. On her Discord channel, she confirmed that the ban was due to her using a shock collar on herself. During her recent stream, Codemiko was playing a version of You Laugh You Lose where she used a shock collar if she failed the challenge.

According to Twitch guidelines, any self-harm activity warrants a ban, even if it’s playful or minor.

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