League of Legends Streamer “Doaenel” Banned Indefinitely After Twitch Thought his Name was Inappropriate

A League of Legends Twitch streamer was recently banned indefinitely for having an inappropriate username.

Doaenel is a League of Legends Twitch streamer with more than 79k followers. He mainly streams League of Legends and sometimes other games. According to twitchtracker.com, Doaenel has streamed League of Legends for more than 6,000 hours.

Twitch Streamer Doaenel Banned
Credit: Doaenel Twitter/ Twitch

Recently, Doaenel got banned from Twitch indefinitely. Twitch sent an email to Doaenel stating the reason for his indefinite ban. According to the mail, Twitch banned Doaenel for “Using an inappropriate username”. Doaenel was quick to share the email on Twitter and responded saying,

“This cant be real.”

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The League of Legends streamer later clarified why Twitch thought his username was inappropriate. Apparently, Twitch thought Doaenel’s username meant “do a*al” and decided to ban his account.

In his 2nd Tweet, Doaenel said,

“Twitch just indefinitely banned me because they think my name is “do anal”.

I talked about this multiple times on stream, my name has absolutely NOTHING to do with anal, and I’ve had this name since I was 16. Below is the origin. This is ridiculous.”

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