Treyarch Announces a New Round-Based Zombies Map for Vanguard Season 5

Treyarch has announced that a round-based Zombie map will arrive with the Vanguard Season 5 update. Here’s everything we know about it.

Call of Duty: BOCW’s Zombies was a big hit in the community. The storyline from the game continued into Vanguard. However, the round-based game mode was later removed, making it disappointing for Zombies fans.

Fortunately, Treyarch was quick to own up to their mistakes. They decided to bring back the round-based Zombies mode with Season 4’s reimagining of Shi No Numa. The round-based map was an instant hit in the community. Following the success, Treyarch recently announced the upcoming addition of a new round-based Zombies map for Vanguard Season 5.

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Treyarch’s Final Chapter of Vanguard Zombies

Treyarch has announced that the new round-based map will conclude the Vanguard Zombies storyline. The storyline has continued from the Dark Aether storyline of BOCW. However, it is still unknown whether the story will continue in the next Treyarch title.

Aside from the announcement, Treyarch has not revealed the map yet. However, fans were quick to speculate that it might be a reimagining of a famous Zombie map from the past game titles.

More details surrounding the game might surface on the CoD blog just a few days before the release of Season 5. Vanguard and Warzone season 5 will arrive on August 24, 2022. Most players are hoping that this might be the last Season for Vanguard as Modern Warfare 2’s release date is almost on the horizon.

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