Top VALORANT Streamers on Twitch (December 2023)

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: tarik and sinatraa

Are you curious to find out who the top-viewed VALORANT streamers are this month? Sit tight as we will show you the 10 most-watched VALORANT streamers on Twitch.

As the gaming industry has grown in popularity in recent years, streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube gaming, and Facebook gaming have established a strong presence among video gaming enthusiasts and the media industry.

Twitch is a live-streaming platform that caters to a wide range of entertainment, with a particular focus on gaming and creative content. This live-streaming service has seen significant development since its introduction in 2011. It is now the world’s largest live video game streaming platform, with over 2.5 million concurrent viewers.

Like many other categories, VALORANT is one of Twitch’s most influential sources of viewership. Currently, it is the 4th biggest category in terms of views on Twitch. Many widespread names such as tarik, Shroud, and Tenz regularly stream VALORANT on Twitch.

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Top 10 VALORANT Twitch Streamers

Thousands of content creators play VALORANT and stream on Twitch regularly. However, only a few stand out among the rest of the crowd. So, here we will show the 10 streamers that are at the top of the list in terms of hourly views in VALORANT.

Remember that, as December monthly is ongoing, it is impossible to list the top VALORANT streamers from this month. So, instead, we’ll list the top 10 streamers from last month so you can get a good idea of who the popular streamers are right now in the game.

1. Tarik

credit: loaded/ tarik
Watched Time2,666,462 Hours
Stream Time161 Hours
Peak Viewers46,180
Average Viewers16,536

2. Katojunichi

credit: katojunichi twitch
Watched Time1,745,819 Hours
Stream Time104 Hours
Peak Viewers53,201
Average Viewers16,706

3. s0mcs

credit: Colin Young-Wolff/ Riot games
Watched Time1,310,197 Hours
Stream Time204 Hours
Peak Viewers11,277
Average Viewers6,415

4. MOTHER3rd

credit: mother3rd
Watched Time1,121,586 Hours
Stream Time171 Hours
Peak Viewers20,894
Average Viewers6,549

5. fps_shaka

credit: esl/ shaka
Watched Time936,323 Hours
Stream Time43 Hours
Peak Viewers39,624
Average Viewers21,525

6. im_mittiii

credit: Hisashi Yoshimura/ riot games
Watched Time849,112 Hours
Stream Time204 Hours
Peak Viewers15,111
Average Viewers4,147

7. Kyedae

credit: kyedae
Watched Time753,967 Hours
Stream Time103 Hours
Peak Viewers17,714
Average Viewers7,285

8. Akamikarubi

credit: karubi
Watched Time748,182 Hours
Stream Time119 Hours
Peak Viewers22,084
Average Viewers6,287

9. Jasper7se

credit: jasper
Watched Time719,866 Hours
Stream Time42 Hours
Peak Viewers27,229
Average Viewers16,938

10. TcK10

credit: tck10
Watched Time664,215 Hours
Stream Time194 Hours
Peak Viewers6,515
Average Viewers3,419

There you go! They are currently the best VALORANT streamers on Twitch. The list changes every month based on the streamers’ viewership. So, come back again next month to get updated information regarding the best VALORANT Twitch streamers.

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