Top public video game companies by revenue for the calendar year 2020

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Tencent

Video game publishers are now dominating the whole entertainment scene and creating new records in terms of revenue in each new month.

Analysts claim video game revenue now surpasses all the other big entertainment mediums like movies and tv series which isn’t all that surprising since more and more people are getting into some form of interactive media these days.

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Following the global pandemic, this medium only garnered more popularity as more and more people were stuck inside their homes with nothing better to do. Video games were a perfect time passer for a lot of people during these trying times. In the process, Video game publishers racked in record-breaking revenue in 2020.

Daniel Ahmed, who is a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners has revealed the names of the top five public video game publishers in terms of pure revenue in the calendar year of 2020. Just to clarify, this list is only going to take video games revenue into account.

Top 5 video game publishers by revenue

According to Daniel Ahmad, Tencent beat the competition by quite a large margin with $29.30 billion followed by Sony at $ 22.67 billion. Both Nintendo and Microsoft were quite close to each other in terms of revenue at $15.79 billion and $13.83 billion respectively.

Only NetEase couldn’t reach the ridiculous numbers like the others in this list. They only made around $8.37 billion in revenue during 2020. Taking lockdown into consideration, this list could be filled with inflated figures.

However, video game revenues were rising pretty steadily for a long time now. Some could say the pandemic was just the perfect storm for this industry to thrive. Chinese video game giant Tencent is currently leading the pack in pure numbers.

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This might not come as a big surprise to many since they currently boast a massive market share in the current video market. Mobile Games are also a big contributor to Tencent’s explosive rise within the gaming industry. As of now, these five giants own most of the licenses to some of your favorite video game franchises. This may not change in the foreseeable future.

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