Top Five Mid Laners At MSI 2023

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Who are the top five Mid-Laners in this year’s MSI? Let’s find out.

The Mid-Season Invitational, also known as MSI, is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from all around the world to compete for the title of MSI champions.

That said, this year’s MSI will be very different, with 13 teams rather than 12 participating. The tournament will be divided into two stages called Play-Ins and Brackets Stage this time around.

The second seed from the LPL, LCS, and LEC, as well as the first seed from the minor regions, will begin their ascent to the top in a best of three double elimination bracket, with the top three advancing to the Bracket stage. From here on, the real battle starts!

MSI will begin on May 2 at 5 a.m. PST/1 p.m. GMT. So, there isn’t much time left, and what better way to start this year’s MSI anticipation than by listing the greatest Mid Laners attending the tournament?

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Top Five Mid-Laners At MSI 2023

Here are our top five best Mid-Laners for the upcoming MSI,

5. Nisqy

Image Credit: LEC & Mad Lions

Starting our list, we have Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer, the mid-laner for Mad Lions, at the number five spot.

Nisqy has been a standout mid-laner during the 2023 LEC Spring Split. The player had a fantastic spit and has been a major contributor to the Mad Lions’ success this split. Furthermore, the Nisqy & Elyoya pair is one of the top Mid-Jungle duos in the League.

Having said that, he is one of only a few players to have won both the LCS and the LEC. However, he has yet to win an International title, which he intends to do at this year’s MSI.

4. Yagao

Image Credit: LPL & Bilibili Gaming

If I had to choose my top five mid-laners before the LPL spring split began, Yagao would barely make the cut. Because the LPL has so many talented mid-laners like Rookie, Knight, Xiaohu, and Scout, it isn’t easy to include Yagao. But he proved us incorrect, especially with such a strong playoff performance, beating all other mid-laners except Knight.

3. Faker

Image Credit: LCK & T1

What is a top five best mid-laners list without Faker?

Faker is back with a vengeance after a disappointing finals loss in both the MSI and Worlds last year. This MSI Faker is determined to win it all and claim his third MSI crown.

2. knight

Image Credit: LPL & JD Gaming

In number two, we have Zhuo “knight” Ding, the mid-laner for JDG.

Since JDG’s super team announcement, people have speculated whether JGD would rise to the top or fall like the other super teams. But, thankfully, JDG proved the doubters wrong by winning the LPL Spring finals, and all thanks to knight’s phenomenal playmaking.

1. Chovy

Image Credit: LCK & Gen.G Esports

Choosing between Knight and Chovy for first place was difficult, but Chovy took the lead because of how much he had developed from the previous year. In the 2022 Worlds, he was criticized heavily for being inconsistent and prioritizing minions over helping teammates.

Chovy, on the other hand, has been a different breed of beast this year. This year, he has been out of his mind, moving with his Jungler, creating plays, and outlining everyone in the League. Not only that, he recently won his second LCK title, and now he is vying for the MSI championship as well.

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