Top 5 Counter-Strike 2 Twitch Streamers

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Valve

With so many active streamers, keeping track of the best content is hard. Here are our picks of the best Counter-Strike streamers right now.

Counter-Strike has an identity as a spectator sport and a competitive title. Players love to enjoy viewing the game almost as much as playing it. From Esports tournaments to casual watching, there are a lot of options to choose from.

With that in mind, you might feel overwhelmed about who to watch. Luckily for you, we have our own list of the most entertaining and engaging creators you can watch on Twitch. Keep in mind that this list is subjective, but any of these creators is a great choice for your afternoon binge-watch session.

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Top 5 CS2 Twitch Streamers

Here, we’ll list our top 5 picks for the top Counter-Strike 2 streamers in 2023. Keep in mind that the list won’t include tournament organizers, as they aren’t necessarily creators. Instead, they are Esports organizers, and any enthusiastic tournament viewers will know which tournaments are running and which ones to watch.

Instead, we will focus on individuals who range from entertaining to highly skilled gamers. The list may change every month, depending on the popularity of the streamers. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list:

1. ohnePixel

ohnepixel cs2
Credit: ohnepixel

I think this would be the least surprising pick of them all. Ohne has risen in popularity over the last year as one of the most engaging and entertaining Counter-Strike creators. From his watch parties to his unboxing videos, his persona will light up your day.

2. Gaules

gaules cs2
Credit: Gaules

Brazil’s hype master, Gaules, is one of the most prominent personalities in the Brazilian CS community, only second to FALLEN himself. To see his impact, one only needs his presence in the Rio Major in 2022. The Brazilian Caster is one of the biggest Portuguese Esports channels on the platform.

3. Stewie2k

stewie2k cs2
Credit: pgl

North America’s hope, Stewie, was the man who brought NA its first and only major championship in CS:GO. He has since left the competitive scene and tried his hand at streaming. With the release of Counter-Strike 2, he has slowly returned to stream the game he once mastered. Maybe he will return to the competition soon, as his skills don’t seem to fade.

4. GeT_RiGhT

get right cs2
Credit: ESL

Once at the summit of Professional Counter-Strike, GeT_RiGhT took the streamer route as he faced a recurring health issue and, eventually, decided to step down as a pro. Since then, he has been a beloved figure streaming games and watch-parties with the Swedish Counter-Strike Royalty of f0rest, friberg, and Olofmeister.

5. fl0m

fl0m cs2
credit: dreamhack

Twitch / Twitter

fl0m is one of the long-standing content creators in NA. During the CS2 beta announcement, he was one of the few creators who were invited to the closed beta test, along with retired professional players from Global Offensive. He is still consistent with his stream schedule, regularly plays with the NA community, and seldom lacks entertaining moments.

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So, here are our picks for the best content creators out there. These are a mix of highly skilled players and overall entertainers. Take your time to explore these and the dozens of other creators as you enjoy the vast expanse of Counter-Strike content.

Mehraj is an FPS writer at GameRiv. He is an Esports Enthusiast and studying Finance in his senior year. He is also an active professional CS:GO player, having a particular affinity for FPS and RTS titles