Top 14 Advanced Tips and Tricks for You to Survive in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Looking for some advanced tips for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora? I’ll give you ten of them.

If you know how to survive on this wondrous yet deadly moon, you’re ready for the next level. You’re about to take your Avatar skills to new heights with some seriously advanced knowledge!

You’ve probably figured out that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora requires more than just sharp archery. To become a legendary warrior, you need to master traversing sheer cliffs, unlocking your Na’vi talents, and strategizing how to use rare currencies.

No matter what your specialty is, whether it’s destroying AMP suits with a well-placed plasma grenade or ghosting through RDA outposts, my tips will enhance your skills. Let’s get started. Our goal is to make you so awe-inspiring, even sturmbeests will bow their heads in awe!

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Top 14 Advanced Tips for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

14. Complete Endgame Fortress Trials

Complete Endgame Fortress Trials
  • Attempt level 20 survival arenas showcasing combat mastery
  • Test limits against extreme difficulties and bosses

You can test your skills by shredding RDA battalions in Pandora’s Survival Arenas. When you reach level 20, colossal fortresses appear, challenging your dedication to the limit.

You’ll have to face murder machines and psychotic ex-Marines in these gauntlets of escalating difficulty. So rally your Co-Op allies, build high-tier weapons, and battle until you win!

13. Equip Silent Running Gear

  • Use muffled hunter armor and soft feet mods for stealth
  • Mask sounds to covertly infiltrate enemy patrols

Infiltrators who know their stuff value stealth as a necessity, not as an option. So muffle those clumsy footsteps by equipping Silent Hunter armor, adding Soft Feet mods to mask all sound.

Sneak up on patrols like a whispering banshee and strike fear in their ignorance! You can also make silent weapons with hushed sinew, padded shafts, and noise-cancelling bowstrings. Your living shadow embraces victims in oblivion faster than their feeble eyes can see it!

12. Exploit Map Reveals for Quick Travel

Exploit Map Reveals for Quick Travel
  • Explore to reveal sites for fast travel waypoints
  • Swiftly zip between established bases

When you’re walking long distances, you’re wasting time you’d otherwise be training your combat reflexes or gathering resources. Fortunately, we can see the future, so we can cheat geography! If you’re visiting a new place, make sure you explore thoroughly to see the site on your navigator.

With fast travel, you can skip transit! As new sites are discovered, a network of waypoints spanning Pandora slowly forms. Therefore, you can zip between established bases in a couple of heartbeats. It would be great if you could unlock those fast travels asap.

11. Tame Exotic Mounts as Status Symbols

  • Tame unique creatures from uncharted wilds
  • Showcase lethal beasts to prove your mastery

Ikran and Direhorse are loyal companions, but every Na’vi champion collects trophies as a mark of prestige. Explore uncharted lands, and use your unbreakable will to capture aliens no other warrior dared!

It’s only the bravest that can handle Nantang’s toxic projectiles or Thanator’s razor fangs. But YOU shall break their will, forging lifelong bonds with ever more lethal additions to your menagerie!

10. Hunt Only Adults for Superior Loot

Hunt Only Adults for Superior Loot
  • Track and hunt mature creatures for best quality materials
  • Aged beasts have superior meats, hides, fluids for crafting

Why waste efforts stalking juvenile creatures barely worth the arrow piercing their hide? Any distinguished hunter understands aged game carries the finest anatomical bounty! Use your enhanced senses to track elder beasts by their distinctive markings.

The best meat, rarest pelts, and most potent glandular fluids come from adults. It holds treasured organs that amplify attributes when consumed. Therefore, prove your mastery as Nature’s apex predator.

09. Grab All Exploration Rewards

  • Pursue glowing map markers for stat boosts and loot
  • Find ancestral powers, weapon drops, resource caches

Investigate any unclaimed rewards! Purple map markers and glowing columns of light reveal valuable prizes just waiting to be grabbed by anyone!

You’ll find precious Bellsprings that boost your vitality forever. You can get new combat abilities by finding ancient Ancestor Stones. Not only that, but you’ll find forgotten strongboxes filled with rare stuff.

Likewise, you’ll find ethereal blue wisps leading you straight to epic legendary weapons! Furthermore, you can’t achieve true mastery unless you’re curious — so take advantage of every opportunity!

08. Max Those Inventory Slots!

Max Those Inventory Slots
  • Use skills and gear to expand inventory capacity
  • Increased battlefield longevity from greater supplies

It’s no valor to limit your storage capacity for vital supplies! You’re not a feeble rodent scavenging for scraps, we’re proud Na’vi! You can unlock more inventory slots by learning Maker skills, and you can craft amplifying gear like Bandoliers and specialized Packs.

Not only that, but you’ll never be short of ammunition or explosives in the heat of a fight if you visit Storage Chests often! Furthermore, you can store local component stockpiles in Resource Caches. Your combat endurance knows no bounds with expansive portable supply chains!

07. Purchase the Finest Mods

  • Acquire purple/blue tier mods from faction traders
  • Push gear improvements to maximum potential

When it comes to augmented mods, don’t settle for mediocrity! If you want to get the most out of your gear, look for attachments in the blue and purple tiers via traders. You can upgrade your plasma magazine capacity to pinpoint enemies through solid objects with radar perception upgrades.

I’d like to point out the Clan Shop Chest Guard mod, which can be found at Hometree — this sublime accessory speeds up the acquisition of Faction Tokens. Besides, what’s an aspirational fighter without the glittering badge of prestige?

06. Exploit Enemy Weak Points

Exploit Enemy Weak Points
  • Identify and target structural weaknesses using Na’vi senses
  • Quickly cripple and destroy threats through precision attacks

It’s crazy to think that a panicked RDA trooper thinks armor means safety. Let’s prove them wrong! In battle, your Na’vi senses can detect structural flaws and damage vulnerabilities in living and mechanical enemies.

Now you can aggressively attack those weak spots! Kill sturmbeasts by severing their unarmored tendons. With cryo arrows, you can freeze armored mech joints. Shred unshielded fuel lines on aircraft to watch them erupt in cascading detonations! The best way to win is to fight intelligently, not with basic firepower.

05. Forge the Finest Na’vi Armor

  • Seek top quality ingredients under ideal conditions when crafting gear
  • Commune with nature for augmented attributes

Even though peppering RDA goons with plasma bolts is mildly entertaining, we’re still proud Na’vi! So use Pandora’s blessed resources to make superior tribal clothing and weapons. With our connections to the land, our weapons and apparel have augmented strengths corporate invaders can’t comprehend!

For best material quality, find pristine ingredients during optimal weather and lighting conditions. You’ll make legend-worthy arms and armaments if you combine your deepest spiritual focus with great Ewya.

04. Traverse like a Harpy Eagle

Traverse like a Harpy Eagle
  • Master chaining long jumps, fast mounting, and using plants to cross gaps
  • Greatly improves navigation speed and flexibility

In Avatar’s vertigo-inducing realm, traversal is survival. The Na’vi can soar between towering cliffs and waterfalls like expert climbers. So master your azure body’s natural Parkour skills!

Chain long-jump aerial feats with adroit Direhorse leaping then Ikran flight. Learn to quickly dismount off ledges for instant airborne mounts. Identify bouncy fungi to catapult across distances. And don’t you dare neglect double jump — that invaluable skill which unlocks considerably later, but transforms navigation once acquired!

03. Exploit Respawns with Raid Strategies

  • Stealth raid RDA sites after enemies respawn for repeated looting
  • Focus on critical objectives, then retreat before reinforcements

Elite infiltrators know this trick: once you clear out the enemies occupying RDA sites, they’ll respawn over time. This gives you the chance to loot again and again!

You should put your effort into stealthy surgical strikes rather than wiping these places out permanently. Grab whatever loot you can from chests, then escape before reinforcements swarm. You can repeat the jackpot raid again and again.

02. Craft Specialty Ammo for Maximum Pain

Craft Specialty Ammo for Maximum Pain
  • Craft explosive, cryo, shock ammo for amplified damage
  • Invest in ammo crafting skills to enable special ammo

Tired of tickling your enemies with plain arrows? You can find real power at the crafting table! With specialized skills like Expert Ammunition Crafter, you can make devastating explosive, corrosion, and shock ammunition for free.

Make your human weapons more deadly with these terrifying munitions! Nothing gets my heart racing like an electrified plasma round detonating fuel tanks or corrosive missiles burrowing deep inside armor.

01. Hack That Tech for Total Domination

  • Use SID device to hack/disable enemies and steal resources
  • Strategically stack multiple hacks for efficient takedowns

It’s so satisfying when you hijack a mechanized battle suit to crush its former allies! Once you unlock your SID hacking device, no corporate goon is safe. By cracking encrypted controls, you can disable turrets or stun combat mechs, making your arrows deadly.

When you stack five hacks then trigger them simultaneously, you’ll short circuit all surrounding threats. Focus fire on those dazed pilots to eject them in a brutal cascade! You can then cackle with delight as you collect the spoils!

Hopefully these tips will help you on your journey to Pandoran supremacy. You’ll stand proudly on your enemies’ dead bodies when you’ve conquered all Pandora has to offer.

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