A Complete Beginners Guide and Tips For You in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Are you just starting out on your Pandora adventure? Here are the top 10 beginner tips for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora that you need to know!

As a fellow newbie, I know how overwhelming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora can be. Once you learn my tips and tricks, you’ll soon be fending off mechanized corporate invaders like a natural-born Na’vi warrior.

I’m sharing all my insider knowledge about surviving and thriving as a newcomer to Pandora in this comprehensive guide. Whether it’s mastering those tricky Na’vi Senses or setting up the perfect weapon load out for your playstyle, you’ll learn key skills that’ll have you beating Beasts in no time.

Why don’t you just settle in and give me your eye stalks? I’ll be right by your side the whole way with my best pro tips as we explore Pandora’s wild and wondrous Frontiers.

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Top 10 Beginner Tips in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

10. Slow Down and Appreciate Pandora

Slow Down and Appreciate Pandora

As you sprint through deadly jungles, rappel down towering cliffs, and unleash Na’vi fury on the vile RDA, I know you’re ready to get going again! I’ll let you in on a secret even veteran Pandoran warriors overlook in their endless search for better gear.

Take a minute to soak in the alien grandeur around you. Every leaf, vine, and neon blossom in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a visual masterpiece. Watch the bright canopy through shafts of hazy light, keep your ears open for exotic fauna’s haunting cries.

Wander aimlessly off the critical path, and discover scenic waterfalls, peaceful groves untouched by conflict. There’s nothing like Pandora’s beauty and calming serenity to calm you down. Make sure you stop and appreciate this alien paradise instead of charging from one waypoint to the next!

09. Adjust UI Colors for Accessibility

Adjust UI Colors for Accessibility

Here’s a handy tip you may not discover right away when it comes to configuring your HUD: head to Settings > Interface > UI Visual Customization. Everything from enemy outlines to plant highlights and quest markers can be changed here.

Finding certain objects blending too much into Pandora’s neon visual palette? Having trouble telling allies from foes in a hectic firefight? Nothing to worry about, I’ve got you covered. This menu also lets us tweak colors to our hearts’ content, which is great for people who don’t have a lot of design experience.

You should play around with the UI options early on until you find something you like. You’ll be able to find your way through the Western Frontier much more easily with your custom heads-up display!

08. Spend Skill Points Wisely

Spend Skill Points Wisely

Let’s be honest, it stung more than a few times when I wasted hard-earned skill points on abilities I never used. You can’t get a refund on Avatar’s flexible skill trees, so every decision is important.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on stealthy hunting vs. aggressive weapon combat, choose between Memories of the Hunter and Warrior. You can also boost your survivability with Memories of the Survivor!

It makes a big difference when the lead starts flying to have those extra healing charges and expanded pouches. Most importantly, have fun testing skill combinations until you’re a unique force of nature.

07. Grab That Shotgun ASAP

Grab That Shotgun ASAP

Avatar might tempt you to stick with the traditional Na’vi longbow and staff. I’m telling you, one of the first weapons you’ll want is that RDA shotgun. This beauty becomes available during the Level 4 quest “The Unsung Hunter”– so jump right to the top of your priority list once you see it.

When you have that compact weapon of destruction, you can say goodbye to those pesky human assault rifles and their fussy kickbacks. You can mow down even heavily armored corporate goons with a shotgun blast while gracefully pirouette away from danger.

06. Stockpile Spare Parts for Crafting

Stockpile Spare Parts for Crafting

While that bedraggled Resistance trader back at your base may tempt you to offload those salvaged Spare Parts for new weapons and mods, patience pays off here. You’ll soon be able to create exclusive ammunition if you save up leftover parts from scavenging RDA facilities.

When that Expert Ammunition Crafter skill unlocks, investing your Parts will let you create heavy-hitting blasts of plasma, corrosive, and shock ammunition. Trust me, when you’re facing wave after wave of power-armored corporate troopers, you’ll appreciate every plasma grenade and phase mag in your satchel! Keep collecting parts early on, and you’ll reap the rewards.

05. Don’t Eat/Harvest Polluted Items

Don't EatHarvest Polluted Items

One of my rookie mistakes was eating toxic flora near decimated RDA sites. I’d like to remind you of this hard-learned lesson: any plants or beasts living near the corporate invaders’ industrial blight produce spoiled meat and food that can’t be eaten.

If you eat these polluted foods, you won’t get any energy boost. Moreover, if you mistakenly cook corrupted meat in one of your meticulously prepared dishes, you’ve effectively ruined the whole thing.

04. Practice Jumping/Traversal

Practice JumpingTraversal

In my early days exploring Pandora, I struggled with limited instincts to navigate the environment. Once I mastered the uniquely Na’vi skills of sprinting, vaulting, and soaring, the world opened up to me!

You should practice those long, high jumps from a running start so you can chain them together quickly. When you unlock double jumps, use bouncy plants and towering mushrooms to boost your airtime.

03. Unlock Extra Weapon Slots

Unlock Extra Weapon Slots

If you’re up against high-tech corporate foes, your ancestral Na’vi longbow may speak deeply to your warrior spirit. Sadly, Bow, Knife, and Spear make for terribly restrictive loadout options.

Once it’s available, unlock that fourth weapon slot! You’ll be able to add extra versatility with an additional devastating RDA firearm alongside your classic tribal arms.

Whatever your preference, that extra customizable slot lets you use much more effective weapons against armored soldiers or heavily plated mechanized walkers. Play around with Pandora’s options until you find an arsenal that matches your fighting style.

02. Increase Your Health/Healing Capacity

Increase Your HealthHealing Capacity

You might have impressive stamina and defenses in your Na’vi form, but you’re disturbingly vulnerable to gunfire when you’re first arriving at Pandora! You’ll be in the dirt in no time if you’re careless. Once you’ve activated Na’vi Senses, invest skill points in expanding your Healing Pouch.

The first thing you should do is double your Dapophet pod stock. You don’t want to be desperately scrounging for recharges mid-combat while RDA troops bear down on you!

When you’re learning the ropes, a few extra healing powers can make all the difference. Grab every Bellsprig plant you pass to permanently upgrade your total HP — you’ll be an indomitable juggernaut in no time!

01. Activate Those Na’vi Senses!

Activate Those Na'vi Senses

I can’t emphasize enough how much easier it will be to navigate Pandora’s alien landscape with your Na’vi Senses. When you tap that R1/RB button, you get a sixth sense for locating objectives, resources, revealing enemy weaknesses, etc.

You can think of it like a survival instinct!

  • You can use it liberally when you’re lost or overwhelmed.
  • You can fill your Hunter’s Guide with useful information if you scan the local plants and animals.
  • Foes can be tracked through walls if you tag them.
  • You can use your enhanced sensory perception to get clarity while exploring, gathering, or sneaking.

Once you learn this, you won’t be able to live without it!

You will find my top 10 beginner tips in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora useful as you start your journey in this alien world.

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