Thorin bashed Astralis players for being too overrated individually

Thorin bashed Astralis for their poor performances

Astralis was one of the most dominating teams in the whole competitive scene in CSGO.

Just right after their in-game leader gl1ve and also one of their greatest “clutchmeisterXyp9x took some necessary break from the game, their performance started to decline. What was once a great dynasty began to falter after their absence. As a result, the individual performances of these players came into question for being too overrated.

Thorin one of the notable figure in the CSGO community called out Astalis for their poor individual performances. Even though CSGO is a team-focused game, not being able to back up your team with your individual performances can really hold your team back.

Astralis CSGO roster
Image Credit: Astralis

After the last couple of matches in the BLASTpremier league, it was pretty obvious that this is not the Astralis team that was once dominating the whole CSGO scene. Losing one of the best IGL in CSGO along with another great clutch player really put Astralis into a bad spot.

Most of the players in the Astralis CSGO roster are definitely really good as a whole pack. However, individually they are not that great according to Thorin. And with the current results, the belief that they might be too overrated individually is becoming more apparent.

Dupreeh one of the members of Astralis CSGO roster recently shared his take on all of these backlashes. He told his fans to wait patiently and not expect them to be performing at their previous form as they are currently in the middle of the rebuilding process. Since their newcomers are still trying to get accustomed to the roster, they are bound to make some mistakes.

Many fans did try to defend Astralis by saying that it is an online tournament and LAN tournaments are totally different. While there are some merits to that argument, it is still pretty clear that loosing both gl1ve and Xyp9x has put them into a pretty bad spot right now.

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