Astralis CSGO pro Dupreeh wants their fans to be more patient as they are currently in the middle of a rebuilding process

Fans have to sit patiently while they figure out their new lineup

Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, the entry fragger for the Astralis pro CSGO team has just expressed his viewpoint on the current form of their team.

Recently their in-game leader gl1ve took a break from professional CSGO. Soon after that another prominent member of the Astralis CSGO roster Xyp9x also announced that he will take a break from the game. The main reason behind their sudden break was mainly due to burnout that they were facing for some time.

Few weeks prior to the announcements of both gl1ve and Xyp9x’s break from professional CSGO, Astralis welcomed Snappi and JUGis to their CSGO roster. This move from Astralis kind of shocked everyone in the esports scene. There was a lot of confusion on why Astralis needs a 7 man CSGO roster. Looking back now it is pretty obvious that Astralis might have picked them up in order for their main roster to take a break.

Astralis’ sudden downfall from glory

However, as soon as those two members took a break from the game, Astralis’ performance in the big stages started to decline. Before gl1ve and Xyp9x‘s leave, Astralis was one of the most dominant teams in the CSGO competitive scene. Although their recent performances have not been up to their standards.

After all the recent fans complain regarding Astralis’ poor performance, Dupree told Astralis fans on twitter to not expect the old Astralis any time soon as they have spent less than a week with this new lineup. Since those two new players have not had their chance to fully get accustomed to the Astralis CSGO roster, Dupree wants their fans to wait a little bit more.

As with any team in a rebuilding process, they are going to win some and lose some. This is really normal for any team. Astralis fans are used to seeing their favorite team dominate the CSGO scene for a long time. As a result, they have really high standard for Astralis. Astralis will have to work really hard with their new lineup to bring back their old form until gl1ve and Xyp9x returns from their break.


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