This Cypher camera glitch in VALORANT lets players peek into attackers spawn

In the past, Cypher’s camera has been the subject of many game-breaking bugs and glitches in VALORANT.

From acting as a weapon to levitating in the air, Cypher’s camera has seen it all. And now, a new camera glitch has appeared that literally lets players peek into the attackers spawn on the map Ascent from A site.

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This harmless-looking glitchy camera spot can be game-breaking if players use this to gain an advantage over their opponents in the ranked lobby. They will be able to get a peek into the enemy spawn without them actually noticing it.

Cypher camera glitch on Ascent

A player with the username TimBuckktwo was playing a ranked match on Ascent and by accident discovered this camera spot. This enabled him to take a peek into the attacker’s spawn. And the worst part is that this glitch is easily repeatable meaning anyone can easily recreate this exact glitch if they wanted.

While it may not sound like a big issue, glitches similar to these are apparently also available on the Map split. They can really affect the competitive integrity of the game since the Cypher camera provides crucial information to the team about the exact position of their opponents.

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Consequently, if it can be abused to gain an advantage, it may create really unfair circumstances for players. Riot should fix it soon with future updates.

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