The TSM Drama: Doublelift vs Reginald

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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With the offseason coming out with rumors and such, Doublelift went off on his stream regarding TSM CEO Andy aka Reginald.

TSM Reginald and Doublelift are both huge figures in NA League of Legends. One is a team of one of the famous teams in the LCS while the other is an LCS Legend as a player. TSM’s offseason in 2020 was a topic of discussion amongst all folks with the retirement of Doublelift and Bjergsen. Since then, Bjergsen has come out of retirement and Doublelift exploring his options. Doublelift came out and said that he did not want to play with TSM which prompted Reginald to post a long post on Reddit. Upon seeing that post, yesterday Doublelift launched an unhinged discussion and remarks regarding TSM Reginald. Let’s analyze what he said.

It’s no secret that Reginald’s actions have been very questionable at least based on his tweets. He has often taken a lot of heat for his tweets and some actions as a team owner. Doublelift’s entire denunciation pretty much added to that and to some people, even confirmed it. Initially, it was all a reaction to the post Reginald made on Reddit regarding the Doublelift situation in 2020. Regi’s side of the story was that Doublelift retired on his own vocation at the last minute. However, Doublelift had a different story to tell.

His version was that TSM had no roster confirmed while Regi claims they did. Apparently after SwordArt arrived in TSM, Doublelift wanted to play but Reginald said no to him. Also, with the roster being in an awkward situation, Doublelift decided to step away.

Doublelift also reiterated that he does not want to come to play in professional League of Legends. Also, he then started to fire shots are Reginald for his behavior and ego. It was a long and calm tirade about Reginald’s acts as an owner, disrespecting players and coaches, and so on and so forth. What Doublelift said was definitely striking that he did come out like this with his ties to the org.

It has been well documented that Reginald does have an ego problem with his tweets and actions. Also, Doublelift has mentioned that Reginald has caused players to breakdown behind the scenes, an act that is unbefitting of an owner. He also iterated that many of the ex and current TSM personnel agree with him and know the situation very well.

Bjergsen has now left the org and Doublelift has lashed back against the owner. Things do not look good for TSM going forward as many players have left, and they are in a rebuilding state while other teams are getting stronger. At this point, maybe it is in Riot’s interest to put a lid on the situation and fix whatever is happening in TSM. However, that is never their M.O so it’s unlikely to happen. We will have to see whether this twitter beef continues as the days go by.

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